Make Money With Your Web Site

Now that you have Started Your Own Web Site and are Getting Traffic To Your Web Site the next step is to start monetizing your traffic and making money with your site.

This guide will cover the different ways you can use to make money from your site including getting paid for every visitor you get, for every click generated, or for when someone joins an offer you're promoting.

Lesson 1.  Is It Really Possible To Make Money Online With A Web Site?
Lesson 2.  How exactly do I make money?
Lesson 3.  Get Paid For Every Click
Lesson 4.  Get Paid When Someone Signs Up For An Offer
Lesson 5.  Get Paid For Every Visitor Your Web Site Gets

Lesson 1. Is It Really Possible To Make Money?
YES! There are literally MILLIONS of people with their own web sites who are making real MONEY from it. It doesn't matter where you live in the world, the Internet has opened up the doors to billions of people who use the internet!

Not everyone is going to get rich with their web site, but if you could make an extra $100 per month would it be worth your time? And once you figure out how to make $100, you can launch more sites and start making even more.

You can't just snap your fingers and start making money with your web site but if you spend time creating good content and use our tactics described on our getting traffic tutorial, you will be well on your way to earning profits from your new web site.

Lesson 2. How exactly do I make money?
You can make money by placing advertisements on your web site. There are a few forms of advertisements you can use:
  • Banner Ads - these are the image ads you see all over the internet
  • Text Banner Ads - Google Adsense has made these very popular
  • Text Links - these are popular for offers you get paid when someone signs up, so if you were writing an article about car insurance every time you mention car insurance you would make that be a link to a car insurance company who would pay you
  • Popup Ads - these just annoy people and the payouts are low, I'd recommend avoiding this type of ad

The most popular advertisements right now are the Text Banner Ads using Google Adsense. These are the easiest to use since Google will automatically show the best related advertisements on your site and since they have the most advertisers they have the highest payouts as well.

Lesson 3. Get Paid For Every Click From Your Web Site
Getting paid for every click that your web site generates on an advertisement is one of the most popular methods of advertising online.
  • Google Adsense - the most popular choice, 99% of the time this is your best choice!
  • Chitika - you can use this in addition to Google Adsense to increase your earnings more.

Lesson 4. Get Paid When Someone Signs Up For An Offer
This is another highly popular way to make money and is generally referred to as CPA (cost per action) advertising. You promote a web site via a banner ad or text link and you receive a set amount of money or a percentage of someone's purchase. Virtually all the online stores use this method so if you send a visitor to their store, you would get a percentage of their purchase for referring them.
  • Commission Junction - has lots of top affiliate program including QVC, ADT Home Security,, Old Navy, Priceline, REI, and thousands more! HIGHLY Recommended!
  • Neverblue
  • MaxBounty

Lesson 5. Get Paid For Every Visitor Your Web Site Gets
This use to be how all the advertisements online were run, for every 1000 visitors your site got you would get paid a set amount of money. Lately, this method is rarely used because companies prefer to pay for a click or a guaranteed signup/sale.

The only exception to this is that advertisers in Google Adsense can advertise directly on your site using this method if they really like the traffic they receive from you (which is another reason why Google Adsense is by far the best way to monetize your site).

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