Save Your Money And Choose A Home Loan Transfer

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    Nov 25, 2013
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Save Your Money And Choose A Home Loan Transfer Photo by Aishwarya Mahurkar

A home loan transfer is an option that allows us to switch to some other finance company, should we be dissatisfied with the current one. A home loan is a very important financial decision in our lives, being the deciding factor for our lifestyle and expense pattern throughout the tenure. Despite that, there are times that the finance company might seem to have a great home loan option at the time of our purchase, but the terms change over a period of years to something that we might not be very happy with. At such times, a home loan balance transfer can be a good option and our only way out. There are several financial institutions that allow us this option and finding the ideal switch is what we should look to do.

When you’re planning a home loan transfer , there are various decisions that you need to make. Firstly, decide whether you need to change your home loan tenure or stay with the same option. If you wish to repay your loan faster, reducing your loan term would be an ideal option. Alternatively, if you wish to pay lesser EMIs then increasing your loan tenure would be the route to take. Speak to the bank that you want to do home loan transfer with another institution and find the provisions required.

The next and most important aspect that needs to be considered is the home loan interest rate. One of the greatest advantages of a home loan balance transfer  is moving to a bank / institution that doesn’t charge us as much as the existing one. High interest rates are one of the main reasons that people decide to leave the finance company that they are currently associated with, and hence, we should ensure that the switch in home loan will make a substantial difference to our savings.

Another factor to be careful about is the home loan exit charges. Speak to your current bank and find out what their policies are for customers who wish to opt out of their services. Often, if a finance company finds out that you wish to switch the home loan, they try to make the situation more convenient for you and retain your home loan account. It is better to speak to both the banks involved and clarifying all your doubts to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience.

A home loan balance transfer is for everyone who is unhappy with their existing housing finance company. We shouldn’t be forced to continue with a bank that’s not giving us its best service. Opt out of a mediocre option and choose the best with a home loan transfer.

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