Tips for Teaching English in a Foreign Country

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    Dec 12, 2013
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Tips for Teaching English in a Foreign Country Photo by Rhyan O'sullivan

Have you been thinking about taking a job teaching English as a foreign language? It is an increasingly popular position, as many people seek the thrill of living in another country while helping others. However, along with the benefits come the challenges. Taking a TEFL course in Hull can help prepare you for the classroom. There are a few tips you should take to ensure you have a successful – and enjoyable – experience.

The first thing you should do before embarking on your trip is research the country. Knowing a little bit ahead of time not only prepares you for the best sightseeing experience, but it also clues you in to certain cultural customs that may come in handy. You can prepare yourself for the food you might encounter as well as new hand gestures and body language that are appropriate.

One concept many people who teach language embrace is that speaking English – and only English – in the classroom is essential. Therefore, the instructor should use body gestures and other signals effectively, as students may not always understand all the words coming out of your mouth. By refusing to use your students’ primary language, you will teach them to learn English by both verbal and visual cues – much the way an infant learns to speak.

While you may decide to speak only English in the classroom, learning some basic phrases in the native language will not hurt. Your TEFL course in Hull may make suggestions as to which phrases will be the most beneficial to you while teaching and otherwise. You can make small talk, go grocery shopping and travel around the country with success by knowing how to say “please,” “thank you” and a few other key words.

As with any other situation, being prepared can go a long way toward eliminating headaches and stress. Plan out your lessons for the week – or at least for the following day – so you know not only what you are going to teach but how you are going to teach it. Using visual aids in addition to body language can be especially helpful for your students. Have pictures whenever possible, so your students not only hear the word “apple,” but they also see an apple. Your TEFL course in Hull may also give you teaching strategies that will help enhance students’ learning.

Lastly, have some confidence. Your TEFL course in Hull more than prepared you for this task, and you were hired because your company believes you can do the job. While it can be anxiety-inducing to take on a new job in a new country, it can also be incredibly exciting. Embrace the opportunity and make the most of it by doing the best job you can.

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