A Primer On TEFL

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    Dec 14, 2013
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A Primer On TEFL Photo by Rhyan O'sullivan

More and more people seem to be interested in TEFL. If you’ve ever wondered what TEFL is and how you might become involved, you’re not alone. Once you know a little bit about this job opportunity, you will probably want to know more about the TEFL course Southampton residents can take so they themselves may become instructors.

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. There are many millions of people who want or need to learn how to speak the English language. As a result, there is a great need for people who can teach the language to others. A great system that helps people do just that is the TEFL course Southampton citizens are taking so they can go out and teach English to people from all different cultures.

The premise is simple; take one course designed to help you know everything you need to so you will be able to teach English as a foreign language to people in need of this skill. Rather than going to college and spending several years learning to do this, this one course is able to teach students everything necessary so they will be able to go out and make a living doing this in a very short period of time.

The course itself is typically done in four to six weeks, although a full year is allowed to complete the training. The class is set up in two parts. One part is the classroom side, which is done on weekends with teachers and other students. Participants have the chance to work with their instructor and learn all the necessary basics in order to feel comfortable getting up and teaching a lesson to their students. The other one-hundred hours is done online and enables the student to work through these ten modules at a pace that works best for them. Once a student has completed the training, they have the opportunity to test for their certificate. The TEFL course Southampton students take part of has had a fantastic success rate, with ninety-nine percent of the students passing the test on their first try.

There is a great need for people who are willing to move to other parts of the world to teach English to interested children and adults. For anyone who has ever wanted to see another part of the world and get an in-depth look at what it is like to experience a different culture, this has proven to be a great way to do so. Maybe it’s time for you to decide if the TEFL course Southampton offers would be a fit for you.

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