How to Get Budget Friendly Kitchen Splashbacks

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    Jan 28, 2014
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How to Get Budget Friendly Kitchen Splashbacks Photo by Maria Clarke

These days, you can install great looking splashbacks on your kitchen walls in order to protect it from stains, dirt, steam and water. When you are budget conscious, it’s little tricky to get that ideal splashback. Nevertheless, it’s possible to create an amazing splashback within your limited budget using little bit of innovation. We have presented some ideas here below that will assist you to create your striking kitchen splashback in your limited budget.

Paint - An Interesting and Affordable Solution for Kitchen Splashback:

If you are aiming to get nice looking and purposeful splashback for your kitchen, you need to consider paint. You can have a wonderful kitchen splashback with a container of paint, a painting brush or roller. Again, you also have the option of chalkboard paint which will look splendid and you will have an incredible space to write down special cooking recipe, or shopping list or reminders or you can have something drawn over it to reflect a special mood that you might want to create. Some other choices are metallic or pearl finishes, textured effects or high glossy finish. The most appealing thing is you can select any colour of your liking or use combination of different colours that you desire.

Installing Tiles is another Brilliant Option

Another brilliant option is to install tiles on your kitchen walls. They are still in fashion and look remarkable and are cost effective too. Tiles are available in a variety of sizes such as small mosaic tiles, big format tiles and they come in diverse polishes like high gloss, matte or metallic. Tiles can be easily cleaned. Making use of tiles, you can form appealing splashbacks in any design you desire.

Acrylic Splashbacks - Just like Glass

If you are fascinated by glass splashbacks but they are beyond your budget, yet you can still get the same glass feel by installing acrylic splashbacks. Acrylic splashbacks miraculously looks very similar to glass and it will nicely fit into your limited budget. You can go for ‘Lustrolite’ that has a very high quality multi-layer high glossy acrylic sheet, looks exactly as glass. You will get acrylic splashbacks for just a fraction of price of glass splashbacks, which looks equally graceful and stylish. You can have the wall painted with your desired colour and install the acrylic sheet above it.

Installing Beautiful MDF

MDF (i.e. Medium-density fibreboard) is usually thicker and sturdy compared to plywood. It is built up of separate fibres, but can be utilised as a building material as an alternative to using plywood. You can have the MDF panel split as per the size required, paint it in different coats of high glossy paint with the colour that you want and apply different coats of a polish. You will be just surprised to see how amazingly it shines, it will appear very similar to glass, and unless you reveal it, no one can make out the difference. What’s more, it’s very cost effective.

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