How to Select Unique Jewelry Gifts

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    Feb 27, 2013
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Holidays and birthdays are perfect times to give jewelry as a gift. Depending on the relationship between the gift giver and the recipient, there are many jewelry gift ideas one can choose from for most any occasion. There are some unique jewelry stores in Cleveland, Ohio for example, who specialize in Pandora and other brand name jewelry. Many of these jewelry items make stunning Valentine’s Day gifts and are also good choices for anniversaries. Whether one is jewelry shopping in Ohio or elsewhere across the country, researching a variety of jewelers can help one select a beautiful jewelry gift.

While researching jewelers on the Internet can save some time, viewing the actual pieces in person is advised, so one can be sure they are exactly right for the recipient. If one is inexperienced when it comes to purchasing jewelry, a few inquiries on the Internet and on the telephone can help one gain some knowledge about precious metals and gemstones. A good idea is to make a list of what the recipient likes, and then take a look at the selections offered by several stores.

For example, if one is buying a bracelet for Mother’s Day, a place to start might be writing down the recipient’s birthstone and if she likes gold or perhaps sterling silver. There are many charm bracelets that are popular, such as Brighton charms. and these can be added to over time. Many people like charm bracelets as adding to these can become a hobby in itself. Jewelers can show consumers a range of these bracelets in different price ranges. Depending on where one shops, some of these bracelets may also be one-of-a-kind items, which can make the gift even more special.

Perhaps one is shopping for a necklace for Valentine’s Day. It can be important to take into account whether the recipient would like a locket or maybe a gold heart with jewels set into it. These pendants sometimes come with matching earrings or can be purchased with earrings to complete the look. While gold is highly attractive, sterling silver offers a timeless beauty and can be just as dazzling.

Another great jewelry gift choice is a bracelet made from a variety of gemstones like topaz and quartz, blended with cultured pearls, silver and 14k gold. Some jewelry brands create hand-finished pieces such as these, which are truly unique and would make great gifts for birthdays or as symbols of friendship. Inclusion of birthstones and some of the recipient’s favorite precious metals and materials like wood and leather can result in a stunning gift.

Shopping for unique jewelry gifts can seem a bit daunting at first, but most jewelers welcome the opportunity to help shoppers make their selections. Not everyone has the knowledge or the time to discover the many intriguing jewelry designs that are available, so some Internet research into the topic is advised. Viewing the actual pieces in person can help one arrive more easily at a final decision, and provide the opportunity to give a beautiful and personalized gift.

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