Cloud Backup - Assuring Absolute Data Security

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    Oct 03, 2013
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365/29 Moodle Server
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With digitization gathering pace and with most operations and sales being done online and files being stored virtually on the web, it is imperative that organizations have some sort of backup to restore data. There are different ways to back up your data like cloud back up, server backup etc. The type of service that you choose will almost certainly depend on the operating environment of the company. Each service comes with its own set of advantages. The following are these services:

Cloud Backup: With companies increasingly opting for cloud computing, it makes sense to also push in for cloud backup, as this helps to better synchronize and integrate the storage, backup and restore functions. Cloud backup also offers a lot of advantages given as follows:

- Management of security is better in a cloud environment, so it pays for a company which opts for cloud computing to also go in for cloud backup.

- Most cloud backups use block level compressions so as to enable the compression of stored files, thus reducing the space they occupy thereby cutting costs. Don’t underestimate this feature as it cuts costs by up to 10-20 times.

- Using cloud backup also allows the option to use incremental backup whereby once the entire data is backed up, only that data or file which is modified is backed up. This obviates the need to back up your entire data again thus saving costs.

- In cloud backup you can even manage, schedule backups according to your convenience. If it is integrated with your cloud servers then backup can even be accomplished automatically.

- Mostly cloud backups use 256 encryption key thus assuring absolute data security

Server backup: It is similar to cloud backup but it may be onsite or offsite. There are a number of products, software, and even some operating systems that are capable of server backup and restore. It is particularly useful for small businesses, because you can rent a server for backing and restoring your data for nominal costs without the need of hiring a Third Party agency.

Remote Backup: The servers are located far off and in some cases even on different continents. The use of having a remote backup is evident if you are living in an area which is prone to natural disaster. Thus even if there is a natural calamity like fire, earthquake, floods etc. in your area, your data backup being at a different location will be protected.

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