Safeguarding Against Summer Storms

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    Jun 12, 2014
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Safeguarding Against Summer Storms Photo by Colin Armstrong

Safeguarding against the elements is something many business owners will be used to doing in the lead up to winter when the weather is set to be at its worst. Come summer, the worry of power outages due to the elements tend to fade and backup plans are not afforded the same level of thoroughness. However, just because it is warm and sunny outside does not mean you are not at risk of the weather.

With moisture rising in warm air, summer is the most common time of the year for thunderstorms, with which comes lightning. Moreover, there is no greater reason to invest in diesel generator sets than the threat of lightning.

Here are some tips to ensure you, your employees, and your business stay safe in a storm.

Planning Ahead

Thunder and lightning is inevitable during summer and, while the risk of your business being struck is slim, there is just enough doubt to warrant power outage preparation.

Planning is the best way to ensure your business is unaffected during a storm.

- Always check the weather forecasts for severe weather warnings in your area.

- Visually inspect the roof for damage and get any problems repaired immediately.

- Clean guttering to ensure water can flow freely.

- Learn how and where to turn off gas, water and electricity.

- Make sure any diesel generators are fully fuelled and ready to operate in the event of a power cut.

Before a Storm Comes

Before a thunderstorm comes, you should:

- Unplug all non-essential appliances as lightning can cause power surges that will damage electrical devices.

- Remain indoors – hearing the sound of thunder indicates that you are within range of the next lightning strike.

During the Storm

During a storm,there is a chance that your building could be hit, especially if it is a high-rise structure.

- Refrain from using landline phones.

- Refrain from using taps and sinks.

- Keep all doors and windows closed.

- Keep blinds or curtains closed to protect against the threat of smashed glass.

- Do not leave the building until a storm has passed.

After the Storm

After the storm is when you will know to what extent you need to implement your backup plan.

- Do not leave the building until 30-minutes after the last strike of lightning.

- Avoid any downed power lines or cables.

- If your building has been damaged, implement diesel generators, or contact a generator hire company to provide a backup power solution. Generators will prevent downtime while a claim is made on insurance.

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