Everything You Need to Know about Hot Runner Installation

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    Mar 20, 2013
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Everything You Need to Know about Hot Runner Installation Photo by Jerry Jennifer

A hot runner system is a machine that is used in injection molding machines, which produces plastic parts. Molten or rough plastic is injected into the hot runner system, which is then carried forward to the molds where the plastic parts are created. The hot runner system is slowly becoming more popular than the cold runner system simply because the process takes much longer on the latter machine. The lead time is more and the costs incurred are higher. On the downside, they are more complicated machines than the cold runner systems and have to be installed and maintained very carefully.

Hot runner installation can be quite complicated if you do not have the understanding of the machine. In order to successfully perform hot runner installation, you need to have specific knowledge about the machine and its various parts. It doesn’t matter if you are a mold maker. Until and unless you have more than a rough idea about how the machine works, you will not be able to install the machine properly and not knowing how to install the machine properly can have serious repercussions in your production time.

It is necessary that the hot runner installation take place without a hitch. This is necessary because most machines break down because of faulty installation. Break down of machines leads to loss of time as well as money. It leads to an involuntary intermittent process of production which can do harm in more ways than one. Moreover, you need to call upon a troubleshooter or an expert from the machine supplier’s company, which leads to a further loss in time and funds. The expert will have to find out the faulty parts and either repair or replace them. That takes time. Therefore it is advisable that the hot runner installation is done by experts and specialists who know what they are doing.

Experts with a specific knowledge about molding machines should be hired to install it. This will minimize the risks of the machine breaking down in the middle of a production process leading to huge loss of time and waste of raw materials, not to mention money. Most companies that sell these molding machines offer after sales services like installation. They send a team of specialists when the machine is delivered to set up and install the machines. This ensures that the machine is set up properly. The team of experts also waits until the first round of production is completed so that if there is any difficulty in processing, they can fix it immediately. The team also helps in adjusting the temperature since it is a crucial part of the process.

The supplier usually provides a hand book and a manual along with the machine explaining the details of the machine and how it is to be installed and maintained. It is advisable that you read the manual thoroughly before attempting hot runner installation yourself.

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