Beware Of Mistakes- Keep The House Wiring Safe

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    Aug 18, 2014
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Beware Of Mistakes- Keep The House Wiring Safe Photo by Ashish  Poly

Most old house electrical wiring has temperature ratings that are low, and when DIY is done, one may not know the difference. Check with a professional for the same!

Every year there are many homes that fall prey to ‘house fires’- electrical malfunctioning of wire systems being the reason. The devastation is large and along with it homeowners face the brunt of injuries, deaths and humongous property damages. The risks are manifold when homes are occupied by senior citizens or kids at most times during the day. With the advancement of technology, we now have the power to prevent such fatalities. Older homes cannot cope with the demands of modern technology- hence house wiring mistakes need to be checked for and rectified- before it is all too late.

Live Wires
There are many who like to indulge in DIY, but fall prey to live wires and electrical shocks- some losing their lives too. Safety should be of prime concern- circuit breakers should be switched off when not in use and fuses should be removed properly before the DIY project is embarked upon.

The Right Light Bulbs
Companies have strict and clear instructions on the ‘wattage’ allowance per light fixture and socket they manufacture- follow the code religiously. Higher wattage doesn’t mean more brightness in the room- it results in plenty of damaging effects to the light, heating up of electrical cables, and possibly a house fire- which you dread!

Grounding Is A Must
Receptacles should be wired aptly with polarity and grounding- copper grounding wires with the right instrumentation cables should be used. Black and white wiring in older homes is the norm- hence testing for ‘grounded wiring’ should be done. Ask for an inspection team to come over and check for the same- a professional electrician or a vendor would do the needful when called.

Proper Splicing
The type and size of wires should be matched well and displayed accordingly. When wires are spliced with the ends twisted into a knot and covered, there could be major risks for the home. With the help of metal or plastic receptacles, the risks of a home being razed to the ground can be avoided. Choose a ‘certified electrician’ to help with the electrical house wiring and steer clear from DIY projects.

Being the leading manufacturer of wires and cables, we at Polycab know that safety and security are the two fundamental values which enforce life. Hence, we have incorporated the same in our electrical house wiring solutions.


Ashish Poly has immense knowledge on home electrical needs, wiring the house the right way and the latest on lighting price lists. The author shares his expertise through blogs and articles online; helping many homemakers understand the right from the wrong.

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