5 Myths of Recruiting on Social Media

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    Jan 30, 2013
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Linkedin Chocolates
Linkedin Chocolates
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A little patience and persistence when recruiting on social networks is important, but here are a few myths that can help save you time and effort.   I have to belong to every social network. There are a lot of social networks out there; hundreds, in fact. But a strong social presence doesn’t mean you have to belong to all of them. Avoid being a “Jack of All Trades and Master of None” by picking a small handful of networks that will be most valuable to your online business image. The big three are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, but others like Google+, Pinterest, Quora, and more may be of value to your business; it’s your call. Focus on building quality networks rather than spreading your business image too thinly.    

Social media is about advertising my company and selling my services. As the term suggests, social media is social. It’s about building relationships and making real connections with real people. No matter how formal or informal any given network, remember that selling comes second. Providing value and relating to your followers and connections is key. Post article and blog links, photos, quotes, questions, and stories and participate in discussions and groups first. Advertising your services should be treated like a pinch of seasoning on the main dish.    

Social media is just for kids and young adults. Sure, newer generations love being social online, but if that’s your excuse for not recruiting via social media, you’re losing out. According to a 2012 Jobvite survey of 1,000 HR and staffing professionals, 73% of staffing companies have successfully hired a candidate through social media. That’s a big number. Are you staying competitive?     I can create a profile and sit back and let it happen.

Social media is a proactive tool. Building a profile on a social network proves only that you know that network exists. If you never go beyond that first step, you’re missing out on the true value of that network. Engaging with your followers and connections ensures you stay top of mind while building a savvy business image.    

Social media is easy and free. You may not be paying the hundreds of thousands of dollars that you’re paying to job boards, but it doesn’t mean social media isn’t an investment. Learning the intricacies of each network and putting in the time and effort to build quality networks can be a large commitment. The return on investment  over time is highly substantial, but make sure you make the full commitment first. If you need help getting started or would like to take social marketing off your hands, feel free to give us a call today.

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