What are the Main Characteristics of Industrial Flooring?

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    Aug 24, 2014
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What are the Main Characteristics of Industrial Flooring? Photo by Jack Jensen

Any industrial unit in Glasgow must have a specific type of floor in place. There are no limits on what flooring you can have as long as it fulfils a few basic requirements. Granted, you will not find any Amtico flooring in Glasgow in an industrial unit. It is not about stylishness; it’s about practicality.

In this article, we are going to show you some of the main characteristics of industrial flooring. This will help you to see what sort of flooring you need to be looking at when outfitting an industrial unit in this part of the world.


Most industrial floors have a surface that is not easily damaged by anything heavy dropping on top of it or something scratching across it. The surface will normally be reinforced underneath to make it ‘bounce’. If you used a conventional residential floor, a heavy object on top of it would cause it to crack and splinter. This is exactly what you do not want.

There are multiple types of durability, though. The floor also needs to be able to absorb a heavy amount of shock. Surfaces will take most of the impact of something heavy falling on it. If it did not, it could well transfer to the joists and make the whole floor collapse.

Anti-Slip Surface

All industrial floor units must be anti-slip. They need to have a coating that does not allow shoes to slip. This is why if you look down at an industrial floor you will often see it has a texture in place. In units with heavy machinery, this is crucial. One slip could lead to a serious accident, especially if it involves multiple people.

Resistant to Staining

Although you will not see many elegant designs in a factory, you will always see a floor that is not covered in any number of suspicious stains. All industrial floors are stain resistant. This is important for any business looking to make the right impression.

No company wants to find themselves in a situation where they welcome a client to a shop floor filled with staining. It is only going to give off the impression that the workers are sloppy and prone to dropping things. Obviously, there are different levels of tolerance depending on the industry you are working in.

Legal Not Aesthetic

All industrial flooring in Glasgow is designed to function as a way for a company to stave off the threat of legal action. The main problem companies such as this face is someone being injured and suing the company. Due to potentially dangerous machinery in the vicinity, when something does go wrong it goes very wrong.

By installing the right type of flooring, companies increase the level of health and safety and reduce the chances of an accident.

Furthermore, health and safety authorities demand it. You can sustain heavy fines if a health and safety inspector discovers you do not have the right flooring in place. You will have to review the condition of the floor regularly. If it needs replacing, it will have to be done straight away. This is one area of work safety you absolutely cannot compromise on.

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