Should You Ever Attempt to Fix a Home Boiler Yourself?

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    Aug 16, 2014
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Should You Ever Attempt to Fix a Home Boiler Yourself? Photo by Colin Armstrong

Most home boilers will breakdown eventually. It is rare for someone to never have a problem with a boiler before they replace it. If you have not experienced these problems before, it can be intimidating and scary to realise something is wrong. Even going through the process of bringing in boiler installers can be a nerve-wracking time.

In this article, with the help of, we are going to delve into the issue of whether you should ever attempt to fix your boiler alone.

What is the Problem?

The first step to this process is finding out what is wrong with the boiler. There is no reason why you cannot carry out some initial checks on your boiler by yourself. In fact, this can save time because you will be able to provide this vital information to an engineer, should you have to call one out.

Anyone can conduct limited checks. For example, if you are noticing water pooling near the boiler you could find out where the link is coming from. There are many guides online to help you diagnose visible symptoms.

Once you have found the problem, you have to decide what you are going to do next.

When to Fix Yourself

You can fix your boiler yourself if the problem is a matter of flicking a switch or turning a lever. There are many guides online that will help you solve common problems. This can prevent you from having to call out an engineer.

For Everything Else…

Most repairs should never be done by someone who is unqualified and inexperienced. If you have to start ripping out the pipes and replacing parts, it is time to call an engineer. More often than not, you are only going to make the problem worse.

Furthermore, it is not just the problems you can see that could cause problems. You may discover other problems you did not see before. Do you know how to fix these additional problems? Only an engineer knows how to react in the right way.

Dangers of Carrying Out Repair Work Alone

There is a reason why you should always look to boiler repairs in Glasgow whenever there is a problem that requires you to start exposing the innards of your boiler. The chances are you are going to make the job a lot more complex. One wrong move and a relatively simple problem could turn into a huge project leading to thousands in repairs.

Another reason why you should never carry out repairs alone is it is dangerous. Boilers have hot oil and water inside them. These fluids, even when the boiler is off, can cause a lot of damage if you are exposed to them.

Finally, you have to take into account the insurance aspects. Many insurance companies have special clauses that state your policy is automatically invalidated if the boiler is serviced by anyone other than a qualified professional. If you tamper with the boiler first and it needs replacing, your insurance policy then will not cover it.

Can you afford a brand new boiler by yourself right now?

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