Different types of Hurricane Shutters

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    Jun 06, 2013
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If you have purchased a home in a zone which is hurricane prone, then you should take all measures possible to keep it protected. The best way to do this is by installing hurricane shutters. It keeps wind and rain away from your house. Having such type of window protection is very necessary for homes in such areas, like for example, in Miami. There are varieties of hurricane shutters available in the market. Some of them are mentioned below:

• Accordion hurricane shutters: These shutters are generally installed along the bedside window. An accordion shutter is pulled across the window and unfolds like an accordion. They can be easily pulled out and also set by an individual. Some of them even come with a locking facility to avoid theft.

• Colonial hurricane shutters Jacksonville: This is another type of hurricane shutter. This particular shutter is installed alongside the window on either parts and then is folded together on top part of the window when it is deployed. One of the biggest advantages of this shutter is that make the house more beautiful. A drawback of this hurricane shutter is as it cannot protect doors, you have to use another kind of protection. This hurricane shutter is opened over the window when not used. Shade provided by them is nice and also looks really beautiful. An individual can easily install it without any assistance. Compared to other types of shutters available in the market, this shutter is weaker, so one should check the strength of the shutter while choosing.

• Roll down shutters: This kind of shutter is generally attached over a window. When not in use, this shutter can be rolled and kept aside. When you want to lower them, use a hand crank or an electric motor. Although you might need a battery backup in case of power shedding but electric shutters are easy to use. Among the various kinds of hurricane shutters available in the market, roll down shutters are the most expensive one.

• Storm panels: Generally, this shutter is made of metal and is designed with brackets that help them in attaching with the walls which in turn cover the windows. When one is not using the shutter, they can be removed totally without bringing any change in the decor of the room. This hurricane is really strong and can be used for protecting both doors and windows. You should look for a storage place where you can keep this hurricane shutters when not in use. Do not forget to check the panels periodically to ensure that they are maintained in a good shape and condition. You can also install screen enclosures for protecting your house from hurricanes.

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