Prevent Flying Insects In Your Home

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    Dec 30, 2013
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Japanese style garden / 日本庭園(にほんていえん)
Japanese style garden / 日本庭園(にほんていえん)
Photo by TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)

I would venture to say that no one out there wants any type of insect invasion in their home, but more than that, no one wants to deal with pesky flying insects in their home. While insects that walk and crawl around are bad enough, insects that fly are worse. And unfortunately for you, these pests could be amassing the troops right now. What can you do to prevent this problem? This guide can help.

Insects You May See

There are all sorts of pests that can invade your home, but not all of them have the ability to fly. A few that you may see inside your house that can fly, though, include flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bees, hornets, and wasps. While some of these are mostly harmless, you do not want any pest in your home in great numbers, so your best bet is prevention.

Stop the Problem Before It Starts

Wondering how to keep flying insects out of your home? There are a few things you can do, and most of your work starts outside.

-Check for Entry Points: Pests need very little space to head into your home, so if you see any cracks or holes in the foundation, be sure to seal them with caulk or expanding foam immediately.

-Don’t Forget About Screens and Windows: While screens and windows are a natural entry point for many pests, most people forget to make certain there aren’t any holes or tears that might let pests in. Rescreen any windows or doors that have holes in them, particularly if you keep your house open on a regular basis.

-Take a Close Look at Plants and Shrubs: All of your plants and shrubs should be well away from the foundation of your home, as they provide the perfect cover for pests of all kinds to nest, then invade.

-Make Repairs Immediately: Leaks, damage to the siding, and other problems almost scream “Pests, live here now!” Make certain that you deal with any repair issues right away to keep the pest population to a minimum.

Once you have eliminated the outside problems, you may want to look inside too. Be sure you eliminate the clutter as soon as possible. Cluttered homes make great places for all pests to hide, including flying insects. In addition to that, you’ll want to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. Put a cover on your trash can, and make certain your food stays in sealed containers. Don’t let dirty dishes sit in the sink overnight, and clean up any spills or messes immediately.

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