USBs are your Personal Security

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    Oct 08, 2013
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USBs are your Personal Security Photo by Derrick Brandonn

Ever since it was revealed to public that the NSA might have been snooping on all of our private data via some pretty big companies on the internet, many have looked into a more secure and private location for their data. While many continue to choose to store their data in the cloud with companies like Google or Amazon, others have gone and purchased external USB hard drives for them to copy their data onto. But these can be bulky and are not very portable – I know this for a fact as I have my own 1TB external drive, and it can be a pain to use.

Instead of going the way of the floppy, the portable, keychain style USB drive has been given a new lease on life by this turn of events. Many people that I know were already using portable USB drives in order to carry their data with them (in fact, some programmers I know carry their entire development environment, operating system and tools with them on a USB drive) did you know that you can get portable USB drives in a ton of interesting and unusual form factors, in addition to the standard keychain style drives which are typically available? And that you can get those branded with your company logo – making them a great promotional tool?

For example, there is a company called which creates all sorts of interesting drives: not only can you get the standard branded USB drives as you have probably seen everywhere, sporting your company logo, you can also get very cool custom USB drives made from corks, in a leather bracelet, or even inside a pen for the ultimate in security. No one can even tell that you are carrying all of your data with you.

Personally, I like the PVC bracelet drive (it can easily pass for something like a FitBit) or the pen drive – one of their custom USB drives also triples as a pen and a laser pointer, can't get much more useful than that.

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