Tips for Making Beautiful Pergolas

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    Oct 18, 2013
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Tips for Making Beautiful Pergolas Photo by Frank Walmsley

A pergola can do a lot for your property - it adds interest to your landscape and also provides a cozy space for entertaining and relaxation. A pergola is defined as a structure or framework covered with trailing plants and vines. Pergolas can be a stand-alone structure meant to cover an outdoor living space or deck or it could be mounted on a wall to provide a walkway in your garden. This article aims to give you a few tips for making beautiful pergolas.

1. Your pergola can be tucked away in a cozy corner of your garden with overhanging trees and vines. Make use of an existing tree to provide a shady ambience.

2. A pergola with a slatted roof can provide the shade as well as an airy nook for relaxing on a hot summer's day. Vines and creepers can be let on top of the roof, which will not only make your pergola look beautiful, but also provide a cool entertaining area outdoors.

3. Be creative when designing your timber decking canberra. Don't go for the usual rectangular or square shaped pergolas. Instead, make beautiful pergolas to reflect your style and complement the property. Create a visual appeal by using a lot of colorful accessories and potted plants that distinguish your pergola from the rest of the landscape.

4. One way for making beautiful canberra deck renovations is to create small garden getaways as an extension to the house. For example, your pergola with a wooden slatted roof can cover a brick floored patio. Add some decorative lighting and plenty of comfortable seating arrangement to the extended area which can be used as an outdoor sitting or dining area. Planting perennial flowering plants the edges of the deck and creepers along the posts adds to the beauty of your home.

5. The trick to making beautiful pergolas is to make use of the existing landscape. For example, an existing tree with thick foliage can be used to give a feeling of privacy and seclusion to your outdoor Deck Designs canberra and pergola. The tree's natural canopy gives a soft and cozy feel to the area.

6. Give your pergola an elegant and sophisticated look with architectural features like a slatted curved frame or an archway-like roof.

7. Making beautiful wooden decking Canberra is not just about the structural framework, it also involves creating a private space to enjoy the outdoors. Make use of outdoor-friendly fabrics for curtains to dress up your pergola while creating a sense of privacy. You might also want to put up a privacy fence that can be incorporated into the design of your pergola.

8. Plants in hanging baskets are a great way to beautify your outdoor timber decking canberra. Not only do they add color to the surroundings, they also help create a cool retreat outdoors. Plant lovers might want to plant vines and creepers near the pergola’s posts so as to showcase their beauty.

These are only a few tips for making beautiful pergolas, but you might want to implement some of your own ideas to reflect your style, so, go ahead and experiment with your landscaping skills to build the perfect pergola for your property.

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