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    Jan 25, 2013
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Football players are known for their commendable stamina and skills. They are a level above the common folk male species owing to their sheer brawn. Granted, they are not exactly Nobel Prize winners or regular academic winners per se (though there are a few exception who have been known to break the stereotype of muscular jocks), but then again no one expects them to be more than a goal scoring machine. If we liken our world to an animal kingdom, the football stars would most probably be the alpha males that lead their packs, or the wolves perhaps (because of the aggressive group clique mentality).

Now while most football players might be just charismatic in appearance others can put the fear of God in you. Branislav Ivanovic is one such personality.   Bloody noses and broken bones are an everyday thing in football. So much so that, it has become a trademark sign of a football player. Every great footballer must have had at least one monumental injury in his whole life. The same goes for Liverpool’s own winger- Raheem Sterling. The chap has faced a number of bone crushing encounters in his life, but he swears that no one has been more foreboding than Chelsea defender, Ivanovic.

His steely exterior is only surpassed by his ice cold temperament. It is not much of a surprise, given his Serbian back story. His massive physique doesn’t help the cause much either. He is often described as a huge tank of a human being who can intimidate an opponent by just bearing down on him. The guy is honorable, I give you that. He does not resort to menial techniques but a man of his stature, does not need much to stop a man on his tracks.  

Branislav Ivanovic profile is not just that of a defender, but is also that of a captain of the Serbian National football team. He started of his professional football career at his native place, playing for a number of Serbian clubs before moving to Russia and joining the Lokomotiv Moscow. During his time with the club, he was instrumental in winning the Russian Cup in the year of 2007. The following year saw the biggest move in his career when he joined Premier League club Chelsea for Euro 13 million. Since then he has been loyal to the club playing along with the team for many seasons.

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