Airport Jobs in Denver, CO: What To Apply For

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    Oct 05, 2013
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If you are looking for airport jobs in Denver, Colorado, the best place to start your job hunt is the Denver International Airport (commonly known as DIA). Many sorts of career opportunities are present in DIA, including jobs that require candidates to be at least high school graduates or GED holder and entry level jobs – all generated by the city's Department of Aviation, federal government agencies and various businesses operating at DIA.

There are over 31,000 employees at DIA, most employed by airlines, air cargo and freight companies, fixed base operators, concessions and vehicle rentals. The total also includes more than 1000 employees employed by the city and country of Denver. IT experts, accountants and auditors, airport police, firemen, paramedics, legal counsel and various technical and blue collar workers are among those employed by Denver's Department of Aviation. Federal government agencies (the TSA and the FAA) also keep people at the site.

What are some airport jobs in Denver that you can apply? If you tour the airport, you will notice employees and  skilled workers occupying various positions. Observe so you will know what airport career would be appropriate for you.


Concessions occupy more than 170,000 square feet of retail space at the DIA and generate over $50 million in revenues to the airport. As being one of the largest programs in DIA, concessionaires could have some job openings for you. Concessions at the DIA include food establishments and kiosks, apparel, gadgets and electronics, news stands, pet grooming services, advertising, spas and others that aim to generate revenue for itself and the DIA. The sales and retail sector of DIA could have a job or two for you.

Airport Security

Both city and federal government agencies employ people to address the security needs of passengers and of the airport in general. The city and county of Denver deploy its own police team to patrol areas in and around the airport. Moreover, the city also maintains a firefighting brigade and paramedics team, thus generating more airport jobs in airport jobs in Denver, Colorado for all those involved in security and emergency rescue and response functions. The city is the one to employ such professionals at DIA.

The TSA employs security screens to keep watch of certain passengers who could be running away from the law and those who are trying to bring in hazardous goods into the aircraft. They operate the x-ray scanners and metal detectors, frisk passengers and check IDs. People employed by the TSA are at the forefront of the war against terrorism. If you want to be hired by the TSA, you have to apply through them.

Skycap and Baggage handlers

If you are looking for part-time airport jobs in Denver, CO, you can find one as a skycap or baggage handler.

Can you lift heavy baggage? Do you have good peoples skills? Perhaps you would want to apply as skycap or baggage handler at DIA. Skycaps and baggage handlers are employed by airline companies to service passengers. Airlines can charge passengers a dollar or two for every baggage handled by the skycap or baggage handler.

These are just some of the airport jobs in Denver that you can apply.

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