Editorial Guidelines

Article Requirements
  1. All article submissions must be in English and 100% exclusively owned by you.
  2. Only submit your article once, you are not allowed to submit it into multiple categories.
  3. You may not submit 'spun' articles or Private Lavel Rights articles.
  4. You may submit your article to other article sites in the future if you wish or if your article you are submitting is already published on other article sites we will accept it however your promotional content information for the article must match up to what is being used on other article sites currently.
  5. You may not submit press releases, sales letters, or promotional items.
  6. Your article can not contain pornography, any adult-oriented sexual theme, violence oriented, any form of racial intolerance, bomb creation or illicit drug instructions, ways to violate copyrights, support for any form of terrorism/radicalism, and any other materials that could be deemed offensive or violates any law.
  7. Please make sure to proof read your article before submitting and use all proper English and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Article Title Guidelines
  1. Your article title can be up to 100 characters long
  2. You may not submit your title in all CAPS.
  3. Do NOT end your Title with a period (.)
  4. No HTML is allowed in the title.
  5. Titles can never be edited in the future.

Short Description Guidelines
  1. Your Short Descriptions can be up to 200 characters long.
  2. Your Short Description is what will be shown on the category and result results pages under your Article Title.
  3. It should quickly sum up what your article is about.

Promotional Content Guidelines
  1. Your Promotional Content is where you can talk about your accomplishments, credentials, and your web site.
  2. You are currently only allowed one link per promotional content box. (we may increase this number in the future)
  3. The only HTML allowed in the promotional content is a link
  4. We do not allow any personal information such as an address, phone number, or email address to be posted.

    How To Setup A Link:
    <a href="http://www.interestingarticles.com">Interesting Articles</a>
    Be sure to always include the http:// in your link

Category Guidelines
  1. The article must be placed into the category that most suits it.
  2. You can only post your article once on our site, if you have 2 categories you think it would be appropriate for please just select the best one and submit it once.

Article Body Guidelines
  1. The article must be a minimum of 300 words up to a maximum of 5000.
  2. You may not post links or any contact information in the article body.
  3. We allow the following HTML in the article body:
    <b> <strong> <i> <em> <u> <br> <pre> <blockquote> <ol> <ul> <li>
  4. Please be sure to close all your HTML tags (for example: <b>My Text</b>)
  5. Do not repeat your Article Title or your name at the top of the article body.

Copyright Issues:
If you have discovered content on InterestingArticles.com that you own and have not given us permission to show, please visit our Copyright page.

If the copyrighted material is being hosted on another site and not following the proper rules for showing your content, InterestingArticles.com is unable to help you enforce your copyright however we highly recommend filing a DMCA complaint with their web host. You can usually find out a web site's web host by doing a whois lookup on the domain.

InterestingArticles.com does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site. Your article may or may not be published on our site at our complete discretion. We reserve the right to modify these publisher guidelines at any time without prior warning.

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