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One of the exciting benefits of being an InterestingArticles.com member is that you can earn reward points which are redeemable for iPods, iPads, Cameras, and more!

There are multiple ways you can currently earn reward points (more ways are coming soon!):

1.  Submit Articles To Us
2.  Fill Out Your Profile & Get 20 Points!
3.  Like Us On Facebook & Get 20 Reward Points!
4.  Refer Your Friends To InterestingArticles.com

Submit Articles To Us
You'll earn 10 reward points for every article you submit to us that gets accepted onto our site.

Fill Out Your Profile & Get 20 Reward Points!
As a way to help you earn more reward points quicker, we will give you a FREE 20 reward points when you fill out you bio and upload a photograph of yourself on the Edit Your Profile page. So fill out your profile and get a quick 20 reward points!

Like Us On Facebook & Get 20 Reward Points!
For a limited time, when you like the Interesting Articles Facebook Fan Page you will instantly receive 20 free reward points!

In the future our fan page will continue useful tips and news updates on our site as well as highlight some of our top articles on the site.

To claim your points, just press the 'Like' button below and your point total will automatically add 20 rewards points!

Refer Your Friends To InterestingArticles.com
You can earn a massive amount of reward points by simply referring your friends and family to InterestingArticles.com!

You'll earn 1 reward point for every reward point that someone you refer earns!

That means when they earn 10 reward points for submitting an article, you ALSO get 10 reward points!

Here is your custom link to give to people:

Add this link on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog, or any other places that your friends and family will see it!

Your Referral Stats
Here you can view the current number of referrals you've made and how many points you've earned from them!

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