The Battle With Alcoholism

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    Sep 05, 2012
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It is very easy to see that in our society people are very accepting of alcohol even though we have so many reasons to ban alcohol. There always seems to be a vehicle accident that takes anothers life because the driver of the vehicle had been drinking. Alcohol kills people as alcohol and vehicles do not mix. There are plenty who die each year due to hunting and gun accidents which also were alcohol related. Over the years alcohol has been accepted by our society as it seems most people do in fact drink. However, alcohol is a depressant which does not necessarily have a very positive effect on the drinker.

Children experiment with alcohol and drugs which are over the counter and prescribed medications. Serious drinkers do have a disease which is called alcoholism and this disease has a way of disrupting a persons life in general. The body starts to build a tolerance to the liquor and eventually you find yourself drinking more quantities and more often. This becomes a danger on differant levels as this hurts the financial situation but also has an effect on your closest relationships. This is also very hard on the body and many who have drank heavily over time actually may find themselves in a position where their liver or kidneys may be threating to shut down. This can cost a person thousands in hospital bills. The body eventually may have a hard time functioning without it which can put them in a state of physical withdrawls. It does not matter if you drink beer or tequila, as the threat of destroying your life or someone else's life is very real and possible.

Not all alcoholics are bums in fact their are many college students, soldiers, executives, lawyers, and salesmen who drink. Drinking in moderation is best for avoiding the mental distress that drinking heavily promotes.There are plenty of treatment centers and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that are available throughout the country that can help a person to cope with the issues and feelings alcohol promotes.

Many cases of domestic and physical abuse have also been alcohol related in fact, there are many people in jail and prison due to substance and alcohol abuse. Drinking leads to crime, jail, and hospital care. It ruins friendships and marriages while robbing a person of a good future. While some drink to celebrate a holiday, there are those who drink everyday and would rather drink than eat. Sobering up can be extremely difficult for those trying to quit. The withdrawls can be harsh depending on how long a person has been drinking. Unless the person really wants to stop their behavior, the chances are that they will keep on turning to the bottle.

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