Drug Rehab Clinics - Sometimes Distance Is Good

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    Aug 14, 2014
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Drug Rehab Clinics - Sometimes Distance Is Good Photo by Colin Armstrong

When an alcoholic or drug addict is considering residential treatment, he is faced with a lot of different choices for drug rehab clinics. Making the right choice involves considering a number of different factors that will affect how well the individual actually responds to rehab. One of those factors is distance. Should the recovering addict seek treatment at a local clinic, or should he put some distance between where he lives and where he recovers?

Believe in it or not, sometimes distance is good. Recovering addicts are normally advised to seek treatment locally so they are still close to family, friends, and other support services. However, there are times when getting away from one's local area is more productive.

Here are two examples of real addicts who chose to use rehab centres located far from home:

Cynthia – Wife and Mother

Cynthia was a twenty-something wife and mother when she was clinically diagnosed as a heroin addict. She had been using opiates since her teens, never considering the damage her behaviour would cause years down the road. Nevertheless, the damage was very real. There came a point when Cynthia was no longer able to safely be in the presence of her children, let alone care for their needs.

When she finally agreed to seek treatment, Cynthia was told by the court that she would no longer be able to see her children until she recovered from her heroin addiction. If you are a mother, you know what this must have done to Cynthia at an emotional level. The desire to be reunited with her children became the driving force in her recovery. To make that drive even stronger, Cynthia chose a rehab centre far away from home. In doing so, she knew she would have absolutely no access to family until her recovery was complete. This was the just incentive she needed to get well.

Gary – Husband and Pensioner

Gary was an American husband and pensioner whose addiction was uncovered when he was in his mid-60s. He began looking at local rehab centers with the help of his family and a few close friends. It was quickly determined that because of Gary's age, his long-time associations within the local community would make it impossible for him to successfully seek treatment without going away. He chose a facility more than 500 miles from home.

For Gary, there were far too many connections in his hometown. He would have faced constant distractions that would have inhibited his recovery. By placing him in an unfamiliar environment, far from home, his family was able to ensure the right surroundings for Gary.

Both Cynthia and Gary successfully completed recovery despite using rehab centres far from home. For them, distance ended up being a very good thing.

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