The Most Fascinating And Attractive Places To Tour When You Visit Kiev

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    Oct 25, 2012
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The Ukraine's beauty is in its natural landscape and architecture. The capital, Kiev, lies along the luscious Dnipro river and the city is filled with side walk cafes, historical and religious architecture and natural scenery. When you visit Kiev there is also plenty of mysterious and spooky history to uncover.

One of the most interesting buildings in the capital is Kievo Pecherskaya Lavra. It was built in the 11th century and has been standing for nine hundred years. A mysterious underground labyrinth of mummified monks lit by candlelight is located in the cluster of domed churches in the monastery caves. The golden domes are visible from almost every location in the city. The architecture of the monastery is in the Ukrainian Baroque style. Most of the buildings that make up the full building were built in the 17th and 18th centuries.

St Michael's Monastery has an almost identical style of architecture with similar gold domes but it's older than the Kievo. Within it is a collection of frescoes and mosaics that led to the evolution of a painting movement. It's said that they caused the development of a painting style called Kievan rus. The cathedral was destroyed in 1935 and has been renewed.

For a piece of interesting history, the golden gate should be visited. It is the gate to the city and was revived during excavations in the early Eighties. To find out far more about the region's history, the National Museum of Patriot War provides the answers. A 102 meter tall statue called the Motherland stands in its center, taller than the Statue of Liberty.

Those who love a good mystery yarn will enjoy the city because of its history. World War Two is spoken about in a different light at The Great Patriotic War museum by drawing a strong image of the Ukrainian people's suffering. All exhibits are ordered according to date so that visitors can experience it according to a realistic timeline.

The war museum's exhibits are sometimes written about in other languages but the visuals are strong enough to speak on their own behalf. People who want to know the details will need a guide to tell them of the era. Kiev is remarkably economical so one can go back to the museum several times during one trip.

Saint Sophia Cathedral was built more than 900 years ago and shows off Byzantine and Baroque architecture at its best. Inside, it has frescoes that were produced in the 11th century. Those who prefer a more mystical experience should visit Devil's Bridge where witches were said to congregate. Close by is a garden that which was where the witches flocked and is said to be the most terrifying place in the capital.

Castle Hill has earned the name 'evil' because it used to be the place where executions were done. Physics academics say that Old Kiev Hill has four sections that transmit positive energy. When you visit Kiev, those in search of the darker side of the city should take a guide who can tell of the poltergeist and Bald Mountain's unexplained events.

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