Using Dry Erase Board Paint properly

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    Mar 01, 2014
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Using Dry Erase Board Paint properly Photo by Whitey Board

Earlier generations would get in trouble for drawing on the walls when they were younger. However, both kids and adults today can write, draw and create without worry. Dry erase board paint is available to cover drywall, wood and concrete surfaces with a durable hard coating that works with dry erase markers.

Surface Prep for Dry Erase Paint

The versatile dry erase board paint works best when it is applied to a smooth surface. It is important that any imperfections or nail holes are filled first. Rough areas need to be sanded, and the entire surface then needs to be covered with a high quality primer before applying the paint that transforms the surface into a dry erase board.

Uses for a Wall-Sized Dry Erase Board

Anywhere from meeting rooms to children's bedrooms are suitable for turning an entire wall into a dry erase board. The wall next to a refrigerator can be turned into a whiteboard for family notes. Large or small areas can be transformed quickly. Whether planning a new marketing strategy or just drawing smiley faces and flowers, the dry erase board paint makes it easy to make large surface areas that can be drawn and written on with dry erase markers. The largest dry erase boards are dwarfed in comparison to turning a whole wall into a surface suitable for use with dry erase markers.

Recommended Accessories for Dry Erase Wall Surfaces

A wall-mountable holder for an eraser and markers is a good idea. Since the surface area is likely going to be much larger than a manufactured whiteboard, a holder that can hold several markers of both broad and narrow tips is suggested. In homes, the holder should be installed within reach of children old enough to use dry erase markers. Offices with dry erase wall surfaces should have a sign that clearly indicates to only use dry erase markers. Many standard whiteboards have been inadvertently ruined when someone used a permanent marker.

Though an entire wall can be covered, it is usually not cost-effective to paint the surface with dry erase board paint above where the tallest person can reach. Regular paint is less expensive than dry erase paint. On average, this would be at about nine feet. Painted dry erase surfaces still need to be cleaned from stubborn marker stains. Just as some colors can leave behind residue on dry erase boards, it happens on dry erase wall surfaces too. The surface needs to be cleaned according to the dry erase paint manufacturer's recommendations.

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