What Materials Are Used To Make New Dentures?

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    Aug 10, 2014
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What Materials Are Used To Make New Dentures? Photo by Colin Armstrong

Dentures come in many different forms. As a consequence, it means they will be made from different materials. Just like dental implants, a patient will have to visit their dentist for x-rays and an assessment before an order is placed for these dental devices.

A dental technician will come up with a design that best suits the patient's needs, before getting to work and sending the dentures back to the dentist for full installation. In this article, we are going to take a look at the main materials used to make new dentures.

Acrylic Resin

Acrylic resin is the primary material you will find in a set of dentures. Dentists will opt for acrylic resin when carrying out denture repairs in Glasgow because it has a higher level of quality. They are more durable and will be able to better sustain wear and tear.

On average, a set of dentures that use acrylic resin will last for a number of years before they start to deteriorate. Unfortunately, not everyone is suitable for acrylic resin-based dentures. Some people have allergies, which mean they will have to discuss some of the alternatives.


One of these potential alternatives is porcelain. Porcelain gives patients a far more natural look as it mimics the surface of the natural tooth somewhat. The problem with porcelain is it does not have the same level of durability as acrylic resin.

In most cases, porcelain is used for the front teeth. Cosmetic dentures Glasgow will use porcelain to enable the patient to have more self-confidence, stemming from a more realistic look.

There are concerns in relation to porcelain. The main one being that they can damage any remaining natural teeth. Each time the patient bites down on the enamel with the porcelain, it steadily wears the natural tooth away.

Dentists generally recommend that porcelain dentures be used when the dentures are liable to come into contact with natural teeth.

What about the Mounting Frame?

The frames for any dentures will always be made using plastic, metal, or a combination thereof. The mount is the part of the device that attaches the dentures to the mouth. Any metal used will be either chromium or nobelium. These are not harmful to the human body and take a while to wear away.

The positive news is modern mounting frames are practically indestructible. Only faulty dentures are liable to cause any problems. In the modern age of dentistry, mounting frames can be repaired and replaced within a dentist's office in only a few minutes, at a very reasonable price. It makes having dentures far more affordable for everyone involved.

Other Materials

There are more materials used in the construction of dentures than outlined here. These materials are standard to the UK. Other countries, such as those with less advanced dental practices, may use other materials and less durable metals. You should not have to worry about these as a patient in the UK.

Modern dentures will last for years. For most patients, the only real concern is how well they fit in the mouth and how realistic they look to outsiders.

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