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    Sep 05, 2013
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CERDEC Math and Science Summer Camp, 2013
CERDEC Math and Science Summer Camp, 2013
Photo by CERDEC

There are few things in life as important as education, it is the building block for a good life. It is vital that everyone has a good education to help them progress through life’s hurdles. It doesn’t matter what point you are in your life you can always increase your education. Many people see education as something for children, but the reality is that we should all be learning throughout our lives, while early education is critical, it is by no means the only period in our lives where we can profit from education. Education has two main benefits, it can be practical and directed, focussed on a particular tasks or function, or it can be general and expansive, intent mainly on improving cognitive function. Technology can help, there are some fantastic maths apps now that can improve practical and general ability and they are fun too!

The two main benefits of education are not mutually exclusive, in fact, quite the opposite. If you need to learn how to do something for a specific task, often it will have knock on effects, where you realise it has helped you with your life in general. The same is true the other way. If you just decide to gain a better understanding on something that interests you, you will find that it will have amazing practical applications at some point in your life.

The world is increasingly competitive, there are more people going for less jobs, which is why it is important to be as educated as possible. Education is one of the non-negotiables in many jobs, a prospective employer will often do the initial cull of CVs by using education standards, literally binning any that do not meet requirements.

With math there are a number of practical aspects that can help both in task-oriented jobs and life in general. One of this is mental calculation. It is amazing how many people struggle with this when it is relatively simple once you know the tricks. Being able to add, subtract, divide and multiply in your head is an important skill.

It is a great task for any tradesmen to know, being able to quickly estimate measurements is a way of speeding up various tasks. Likewise, it is good for anyone who works with numbers in their job. However, it is also a useful skill for day to day life.

If you want to get better a maths problem solving, it is not too late, find a good educator and get into it.

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If you want to get better a maths problem solving, it is not too late, find a good educator and get into it.

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