How to Find a Certified Mechanic for Chimney Repair New Jersey

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    Feb 07, 2014
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My wife is the handy man. Chimney repair.
My wife is the handy man. Chimney repair.
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A yearly chimney repair inspection is necessary to make sure the structure is free of blockages that prevent escape of dangerous smoke. The fuel burned in a fireplace creates dirty ashes that float up toward a building’s rooftop where the exterior shaft is located. A certified technician has the correct tools to clean a firebox efficiently after arriving at a home or business. Fireplace inspection and cleaning is a specialized task that requires knowledge of different designs to remove debris properly. Incorrect or partial removal of debris such as branches or bird’s nests can lead to additional problems for occupants of a building. Debris stuck inside a chimney shaft can prevent carbon monoxide from leaving a structure leading to dangers from the poisonous gas.

Trained Technicians

People often take a warm fire burning in a fireplace for granted during cool autumns and cold winters. However, while fuel is burning, soot is collecting on the interior of a chimney’s shafts. The sticky soot easily collects ashes, leaves and other debris on its surface that requires removal by a chimney repair expert. After a trained technician arrives at a building, an inspection of the various parts of a fireplace is necessary. To prevent greasy soot from damaging a home’s furniture, the expert will place heavy tarps on objects. Part of the soot cleaning process includes looking inside the shaft with special equipment.

Remove Debris

The technician will climb on a ladder to look at the stack on the roof to see damage from wildlife or weather conditions. Animals such as squirrels or bats frequently enter a defective chimney cap to live in a shaft during warm weather. These animals often leave debris inside the shaft that prevents smoke from escaping correctly. Occasionally, wildlife carcasses also are wedged inside a chimney’s structure causing a major blockage. In addition to dangers from carbon monoxide poisoning, blockages can cause fires inside chimneys that burn into a building’s attic or rooms. The certified technician will remove large debris while cleaning greasy soot and ashes from a chimney to prevent fires.

Avoid Risks

Business and homeowners should have an inspection by a chimney repair  expert at least once a year. Any time of year is a great time to call a technician for this important home or business maintenance. Calling a professional technician before extremely cold weather is the best plan to ensure occupants of a building can safely use a fireplace without danger from carbon monoxide poisoning. Amateurs should avoid attempting this repair because of the risk of falling from a ladder while attempting to inspect the shaft on a building’s rooftop.

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