Dont Forget to Add the Marriage Celebrant Fees to Your Wedding Costs

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    Oct 16, 2013
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Dont Forget to Add the Marriage Celebrant Fees to Your Wedding Costs Photo by Kenneth Nelson

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life and something that many young women dream about. However, the parents of the bride know the reality of the cost of a wedding as they help to plan all the different aspects of the service and reception. It is easy to get carried away by all the reception costs, but you have to remember that there will also be marriage celebrant fees if the wedding is not to take place in a church.

So in addition to all the other planning, it is wise to do a little online research to find out what these charges are going to be and how you can reduce them if necessary. Not all celebrants will have the same charges and they may differ depending on where the wedding is to be held and what accessories you will need the celebrant to supply – if any.

Even if you choose the closest marriage celebrant it is wise to ask them about their charges and fees and find out in detail whether they offer package deals of any kind. They won't mind telling you all about it, since this is what many do for a living and it is all part of their marketing to do so. In fact, many do supply a lot of accessories that may be needed and it makes a lot less effort on your part to accept that kind of help rather than have to run about and organize your own.

For instance, you are sure to need a sound system if you want your guests to hear the bride and groom making their vows. Nearly every northern beaches marriage celebrant would supply their own. They may also provide other accessories such as an archway and length of red carpet to offer focus and help the participants and guests know where to stand.

However, you will need to ask the Sydney wedding celebrant of your choice whether they also provide seating. It is quite possible that they would not, because it would require a very large vehicle to carry enough chairs for the average wedding service. It is possible that some may have thought to buy folding chairs as they could carry many of those in the boot of their car; however, it is not likely that many would want to go to all that trouble.

So if you want your guests to be seated, you would need to provide the seating yourself. But with most outdoor weddings, the guests remain standing just like the bride and groom.

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