Alaska's Floating Adventure

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    Sep 01, 2012
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     Alaskan cruises offer almost everything a traveler could want. They are relatively inexpensive, have majestic scenery, offer family friendly, solo traveler, and romantic couple options, allow for a wide range of activities, and customer service can be directed to be either extremely doting, or hands off.
     From the moment you leave port, your floating adventure begins. Whether aboard an intimate sized vessel of 100 guests, or on a traditional sized cruise ship holding 2000 passengers, the ship's start thru the waves as you stand along the rail waving goodbye to those on shore, fills you with a sense of expectant excitement. 
     For those who have never experienced a winter environment or its attributes, Alaskan cruises offer a chance to do so. The sense of wonder as you watch huge chunks of ice float pass you, or see the sun sparkling off the blue tinted ice surface of a glacier, blue since that is the only color of the spectrum that is reflected after the red and yellow spectrum colors have been absorbed) is magnified by being a first time event.
     As you float along in quiet stillness, the sheer beauty of watching a lush evergreen covered shoreline flow by reflected in the dark glossy surface of black colored water, is nearly unmatched. And suddenly viewing a whale emerge out of those murky depths, or spying an eagle gliding above, or spotting a bear hunting salmon along the shore, only increases the awe.  
     Staying aboard as others go on shore excursions is another aspect to your floating adventure. The smaller customer base allows for all kinds of advantages. Quiet time at the pool, space in the gym, spa appointments (sometimes at a discount), available casino machines, easier ship exploration, and short lines at the shops. It also allows for an educational opportunity to see a "behind the scenes" view of various ship processes as employees prepare for the next phase of your Alaskan cruise.
     So make now the time you embark on your own floating adventure, and join those who have discovered how truly life enriching and memorable an Alaskan cruise can be. 

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