An Introduction To Language Localization Services

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    Apr 04, 2014
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An Introduction To Language Localization Services Photo by Rishi  Kumar

To increase profits and take businesses to greater heights, today, business owners are concentrating on expanding their reach beyond their geographical boundaries. This has pushed up international trade, & interaction between people from different cultures has become a day-to-day norm. Language translation and localization are two vital services which have been proved indispensable for any modern-day business that hopes to establish its brand in the international market.

Need For Language Localization Service
Have you ever wondered why Google couldn’t penetrate the Chinese market and why it failed to upstage Baidu (a local search engine)? Well, it was due to language constraint & the inability on Google’s part to understand the local culture. Localizing a business plays an important role in the expansion and prosperity of a business in a specific location.

Understanding Localization
Localization is a process of adapting a product/service to a target country’s market. Localization does include translation, but is far more than just mere “translation”. It takes several other features into account such as local taste, sensibilities and culture.

Example: If you plan on expanding your business and wish to open a website for your target market segment, other things besides translation include:

  • Website Structure Localization.
  • Website Content Localization, i.e. multimedia localization, webcasting etc.
  • Website Style Localization etc.

Difference Between Language Localization and Translation
A lot of people get confused between “Localization” and “Translation”. They tend to ignore the complexity, importance and other aspects of localization. In addition to Translation, Localization helps improve the non-textual components of product/service e.g. the appearance, physical structure, etc. to make it more relevant to the local crowd. Thus, it can be concluded that localization is not merely about translation, it is about giving the product a local feel that suits the local culture.

Choosing A Language Localization Service
When it comes to availing Language Localization Services from any company, it is recommended that you go through the testimonials and feedbacks of the previous clients. You may even go through recommendations of experts who review such services on discussion forums. Also, when availing Language Localization Services, it is always better to go for a company that offers an array of language services under one roof.

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