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    Jul 28, 2014
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Engineering college unveils the facility to get all information about Engineering Colleges in one platform. It is profoundly useful for those who dream of becoming an Engineer. With the establishment of several engineering colleges in India, it is often difficult on the part of the students to choose and decide where to join and pursue their career. Engineering college has come up with the solution to these difficulties. This knowledge wave will help the students to find information regarding different colleges throughout India, compare them, and decide for themselves about which is the best college for them.
Aside from information regarding the Engineering colleges of India, the website also provides a host of other information too. Following are the important features of this website:
• View all govt. as well as private Engineering colleges, including IITs and NITs.
• Find information about different examinations conducted in your state and nation.
• Exam guides and study materials for different branches are a part of this website.
• Students can rank a college on the basis of their liking for the college.
• Online tests for +2 science and diploma students.
• IIT/JEE coaching facilities.
• E-books, competitive books, etc. are also available.
• Previous year question papers of different examinations can be found in this site.
• News regarding important events that take place in different colleges like conferences, workshops, technical seminars, tech fest, training programs, etc.
One section that will particularly interest students is the ‘job search’ section. Students can find different job opportunities and openings in companies related to all the branches of engineering. All updates of job vacancies can be found in the website. A student can subscribe for job updates by just using his/her e-mail id and mobile number. There is a polling section, where students can actually vote for their opinion. A student can also share the information on the website through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google plus, etc. Moreover, any important information can be printed directly from this site.
What’s noteworthy about this site is that the interested students can donate books and study materials over the website. Plus, if there is any doubt regarding any course, it can be asked here. The website helps the students in every way possible.
All in all, the website focuses on education, knowledge, information and courteous service. The site gives adequate knowledge for a career-oriented student. Just like a light, it shows the path to a student for better future and successful career.

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In addition to this,the website provides collection of reference materials,searchable database,job oppurtunities,coaching fo IIT/JEE,recent news about conference,tech-fes &training programs by different college and has a ranking system too. This Site will give adequte knowledge for a career oriented student.

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