Top College Provides a Selection of Resources to Support Student Needs

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    Feb 28, 2014
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Top College Provides a Selection of Resources to Support Student Needs Photo by Jason White

When choosing a postsecondary institution, you would find respectable schools and analyze the programs they offer that interests you. You will also linger over the distance of the commute or if you need to move. The tuition fees, book costs, and other school-related costs will always be in your mind. While all of these are important factors when deciding a school and a program, you have to consider other benefits.

Unlike smaller schools, focused on accelerated learning, others offer a wide selection of resources and facilities that will make your learning more effective. Included in the tuition fees, community colleges provide the necessities in a student's life and other advantages that will play a critical role in his or her personal, academic, and career goals. As one of the top colleges in Ontario, Centennial College offers a wide array of support systems for its learners.

Career Services
Students can seek career advice from trained staff about their educational and career goals. They can explore their career paths, dig deeper on their interests and desires in what type of job positions and work environments they should enter after graduating from college. In addition, Career Services help students find placements and jobs after graduation with their workshops, seminars, and career fairs. They offer resume, cover letter, and interview tips, and even publish job postings online with the new Hire Centennial portal.

Peer mentoring
No matter what your age or if you have taken college decades ago, you should sign up to be paired with a peer mentor, especially if you are a first year student. New students are partnered with experienced students, so the latter can give personal and peer advice regarding school-related issues or even personal ones. Students who need further advice will be relayed to the school's counselling service.

Peer Tutoring
While peer mentoring offers advice, peer tutoring is about helping students with achieving their academic goals. Peer tutors are not present to complete your homework, but they are here to guide students and give further one-on-one coaching with your studies. There are knowledgeable peer tutors for specific courses, so students can be paired with someone who has completed the course successfully and are able to help with the assigned work and the studies.

Libraries and its Resources
With a location at each four campuses, Centennial's library and learning facilities are available for full-time students, part-time learners, and the alumni. Depending on their status, they can borrow a set number of books, access the computers and databases on site, and use the quiet and comfortable environment to study. Library staff is courteous and can help you find the right resources you need for your research and assignments.

Athletics and Recreation
Centennial has a gym and exercise area in its campuses, with the Athletics and Wellness Centre (AWC) at Progress campus being the main facility, open to all of its students. Students can join tournaments and sports team throughout their school year to play in their favourite sport and meet new friends. AWC has a rock climbing wall, squash courts, spa, 80 metre Indoor track, triple gym, and a fitness and aerobics area. Students can engage in exercise regime and fun active activities indoors and outdoors. In addition to the gym, the recreational activities brought to students by its student council are excursion trips around Toronto and Ontario where education and fun collides.

Centennial College increases the value of your education and college experience with its modern facilities and vast resources. Students are supported in their academic needs, as well as in their personal space and lifestyle habits. Those who yearn for more than a diploma can enroll at Centennial, where they will learn, while making friends, adding unique experiences, and having fun.

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