Supply Chain and Logistics is in a High Demand

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    Jan 21, 2014
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Supply Chain and Logistics is in a High Demand Photo by Abigail Scott

According to the Supply Chain Management Association, the supply chain management profession makes a significant contribution to Canada’s economy and is critical to the competitive advantage of all enterprises. Latest research shows that SCMA members control more than $130 billion in annual spend. The standard of living we all enjoy through timely, cost-effective access to a range of innovative, high-quality goods and services is directly linked to the professional practice of supply chain management. The profession favorably influences the social and economic success of not only Canadians but citizens worldwide.

The supply chain is one of the most essential sectors of the Canadian economy, involving about 767,000 workers from a range of occupations and industries, according to the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council. In today’s knowledge-based economy, people who work in this area handle many aspects of strategic supply chain management beyond purchasing, including sourcing, contract management, materials and inventory management, and transportation logistics. Some of the skills that procurement departments are looking for today, include: technical abilities, superior data analysis and problem solving, and a fresh perspective to challenge conventional thinking. And, with a workforce that is quickly approaching retirement, there is high demand for younger professionals to enter in to this field.

Do you come from a background in business, accounting, project management or finance? Don’t worry, it is easy to transition to a career in logistics and supply chain management. Some occupations/job titles which you can perform include: Purchasing/Supply Manager, Supply Chain Analyst, Inventory Specialist, International Logistics Manager, Materials Manager, Supervisor of Logistics, Senior Buyer, Warehouse Operations Manager, and Fulfillment Supervisor.  Positions in this area are not just limited to manufacturing and production companies. You could also work in retail, distribution, transportation, government and consulting.

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