Software Design Program Provides Speedy Degree

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    Oct 02, 2013
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Software Design Program Provides Speedy Degree Photo by Jason White

Did you ever think that you could graduate from a software design program with a Bachelor of Information Sciences after just two years of studies? Centennial College’s Bridging to Software Systems Design changes the notion of what it means to attend a degree program by making it possible for those who have graduated from either a computer programmer/analyst or software engineering offering at Centennial College or from a similar post-secondary program. In addition to these credentials, they must also have graduated with a GPA of 2.8 or higher, and note that English proficiency will be considered and a transcript review will be required.

Through its fully Canadian Information Processing Society/Canadian Council of Technician and Technologies-accredited software design program — the first joint accreditation of its kind in Canada — Centennial College prepares students for roles such as software developers, software testers, game programmers, computer programmers, system analysts, business analysts, web application developers, database administrators, and applications or software support. Preparation for such a wide range of jobs is possible through the software design program thanks to its concentrated format. While students do attend some Liberal Studies Electives, the majority of their time is spent in software design course that are directly related to the field. Here are the some of the most interesting ones.

Database Programming: There is a huge decrease in online storage cost and a huge increase in data acquisition, so this very relevant software design course lays the foundation to tackle topics like distributed Database Architecture, Queries, Transaction Management and Concurrency Controls. It also covers parallel DBMS and database interoperability.

Software Standards, Testing & Maintenance: This software design course makes use of Centennial College’s Progress Campus labs. That’s because students explore software development practices starting with requirements gathering and ending with acceptance testing. Requirements management, testing and maintenance are emphasized, along with the practical experience in preparing software documents using standard templates.

Software Quality Assurance: Because many of the jobs in this field centre on quality assurance, this software design course is essential in that it covers the concepts of quality assurance and application of quality assurance to the software development process. For the practical labs that are featured in this offering, a basic knowledge of Java some familiarity with the Eclipse software development platform is required.

Emerging Technologies: This software design course is split in half. The first half focuses on Mobile Web Developments with emphasis on smart phones that use technologies such as AJAX and HTML 5. Students come to learn to build mobile websites that run on platforms such as IOS, Android and BB. Meanwhile, the next half of this software design course focuses on Google Web Toolkit.

Software Development Projects: This series of three software design course is designed to allow students to test out their skills. Each project has a different focus such as developing and/or implementing a software systems design project that meets stated business objectives for an organization in a specific vertical market such as: health services, insurance, real estate, banking, heavy manufacturing, retail, transportation, and government; or working in teams to design and implement a complete application for a real business by applying agile software development techniques, such as TDD (Test Driven Design).

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