Script writing program takes students behind the scenes

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    Feb 28, 2014
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Script writing program takes students behind the scenes Photo by Jason White

Do you ever wonder how your favourite shows are created? Are these reality TV shows scripted? Find out and more with a script writing program in Toronto offers through its premier college. The Advanced Television and Film - Script to Screen (6429) program highlights the glamour and hard work behind the scenes of your favourite TV shows and films. This graduate certificate program can be taken at the Story Arts Centre at Centennial College.

Students coming into the program have some media-related exposure, enabling this scripting program to focus on the various stages of film production. Fifteen extensive courses are completed within two semesters, each with ideas integrated with one another. Some of the course highlights include the following:

  • Students will learn the creative side and technical aspects of film and TV show production, where they apply the classroom teachings to realistic assignments and in-class exercises.
  • All aspects of screenwriting will be taught, including the essential elements and technical language of screenwriting.
  • Specialized computer programs will be used to format screenplays, which are also used by professional screenwriters in the film industry.
  • Budget and schedule are included in the production lessons, as students will also learn the politics within the production group.
  • Students not only learn to write scripts but to direct them as well. In order for a production company to fully work together, media professionals must understand the director's craft before, during, and after the production set. Students will learn to be a director through lectures, exercises, and assignments, and even get to direct a short scene and present it to the class.
  • An exploration of the work and relationships of actors is mandatory to be able to write effective scripts. Students will learn the terminology of screen acting, and the process of characterization. They will then write and perform a brief monologue which will be filmed.
  • Students will shoot two short films, where they are involved in the pre-production, production, and post-production phases. They will practice their scriptwriting, as well as other parts of filmmaking such as sound editing, foley, and script adjustments.

The program is led by experienced faculty member, Steve Lucas, who has helped createscripts for award-winning shows, such as CBC's The Border andGlobal's Blue Murder. He also co-produced several shows, including Montreal's Muse Entertainment and Australia's Cordell/Jigsaw/Zapruder. With over 30 years in showbiz, Lucas brings the creative practices in the film and broadcasting industry to his classes. One of the courses he teaches is the "Essentials of Screenwriting," which builds a strong foundation for students as they progress in their school year.

Centennial College has top-notch professors, software and devices current to the film industry, and curriculum to teach students of the important knowledge and skills for a career-ready graduate. The script writing program focuses on dramatic film-making for television and feature film productions. Graduates entered the workforce with job positions as Junior Scriptwriters, Content Producers, and Production Assistants.

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