Induce social change with the energy systems engineering program

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    Apr 10, 2014
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Induce social change with the energy systems engineering program Photo by Pamela Wendell

The future is now, as everything we do today - good or bad - will result in the changes and developments of tomorrow. One of the concerning issues is the source of energy, which is not only compromised due to its limitations, but also because of the negative effects on health, wildlife, and climate change. However, we are building renewable sources of energy, so we can build a better future. You can join this movement by enrolling in energy systems engineering programs. An excellent institution to attend is Centennial College, where students are taught the right academic and hands-on training in the Energy Systems Engineering Technician (3755) program.

This revolutionary program will help generate long-term plans for energy usage. Students will remain on top of their field with the following program benefits:

  • Receive a college diploma within two years and have the capacity to apply energy systems functions, such as heat transfer, fluid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics and mechanics.
  • The program meets industry standards and is recognized by industry leaders, including the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists.
  • Centennial provides state-of-the-art energy systems for students to apply their knowledge and gain practical experience at Progress Campus.
  • Students complete a capstone project by using their technical and planning skills to design a mechanical system, with an emphasis on mathematical abilities, teamwork, project management, and time and cost management.
  • Highly qualified faculty and staff researchers guide students in their program, keeping them on track with the energy and utility sectors, and advising them of the industry's direction.
  • Students are engaged in networking events through program-specific events, where they can learn more about their field and gather contacts for future references.
  • Centennial College created the Centennial Energy Institute (CEI) to initiate workshops, conferences, and educational and networking events for students and professionals.
  • Students and program graduates are eligible to apply for some job positions by the CEI, helping them gain preliminary work experience in the industry.
  • Students are ready to launch their career and acquire industry's TSSA (Technical Standards & Safety Authority) Operating Engineer, 4th Class certification.
  • Another option includes further education with an easy transition to Centennial's technology program called Energy Systems Engineering Technology.

"Many other colleges are doing (a similar) energy program, but energy systems engineering program is more focused on power generation on solar, wind turbines, biomass, and also power generation from power plants," says El-Hedi Maloufi, Engineering Professor at Centennial. He hopes students will solve our energy problem today and create innovative ideas to provide long-term, sustainable solutions for our energy consumption.

The hands-on training provided by the college is helping the students acquire and retain valuable information and skills required in the industry. Not only does Centennial teach a comprehensive curriculum and work with advanced technologies, it involves each student to learn the CAD system, which is the computer-aided design program for designing electrical models. Graduates can become an energy systems technician in various work settings, including commercial and residential buildings, architectural companies, and research facilities.

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Jason White wrote this article about the electrical engineering technician program to identify the benefits of the program and Centennial.

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