Financial Planning Certificate Program - Details and Benefits

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    Mar 10, 2014
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Financial Planning Certificate Program - Details and Benefits Photo by Pamela Wendell

The financial planning certificate program is a rigorous, comprehensive and intensive program that offers a strong foundational knowledge in various areas of finance, such as accounting, tax planning, estate planning, risk management, retirement financial planning, marketing, financial management, corporate credit management, crafting and executing strategy, and ethics and stakeholder management.

The course is designed to make students capable of:

  • Applying financial knowledge in real life situations
  • Advising individuals, families and start-ups on a variety of financial issues
  • Utilizing personal and family finances effectively
  • Planning their own taxes and retirement well
  • Working out discrepancies in accounts or budget
  • Comparing different financial products and choosing the best from among them
  • Marketing financial products
  • Recognizing legal implications of a certain financial situation
  • Becoming informed, competent and ethical financial planners
  • Developing financial plans tailored to client's requirements and financial standing
  • Adhering to financial planning principles and industry standards
  • Preparing accurate financial plans manually and electronically
  • Integrating ethical decision-making processes into all aspects of financial planning profession

Centennial College's one-year financial planning certification program is designed for individuals who:

  • Want to acquire knowledge to manage their own finances and taxes
  • Are dealing with any kind of debt
  • Are planning their retirement
  • Want to build a career as financial planner
  • Want to prepare for Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam
  • Want to prepare for Canada Security Course (CSC) and Wealth Management Essentials (WME)
  • Are looking to build a career in marketing of financial products
  • Aim to fulfill eligibility requirements for enrolling in a university program for financial planning

Students need to remember that the license fees for these certifications and examinations are mandatory and are in addition to the tuition fees. The program makes use of instruction materials from professional bodies to deliver the course.

Financial Planning Program in Canada financial planning program combines classroom learning, CSC preparation course (elective), and CFP preparation course. The students also have an opportunity to work on real life financial issues, in order to put their classroom learning into practice.


The program runs for one year and covers a wide range of finance-related subjects. In the first semester, the focus is on accounting for managerial decision making, and tax planning, risk management and estate planning, retirement financial planning and marketing.

The second semester courses include financial management, corporate credit management, Certified Financial Planner preparation course, crafting and executing strategy, and ethics and stakeholder management.

Enrollment Guide

In order to apply for a certification program in financial planning, you will need:

  • College diploma or university degree in any discipline
  • Transcript and resume (for applicants with partial post-secondary and relevant work experience)
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • To complete an assessment of numeracy skills

Benefits of a Financial Planning Certificate Program

The graduates of this program can work as financial planners, financial advisors or personal financial consultants with banks, credit unions, mutual fund companies, life insurance companies, investment dealers and financial planning companies. They can also operate independently.

The graduates are also eligible to participate in articulated programs with selected universities, institutes and professional associations and apply academic credits towards further study.

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