Colleges in Toronto Offer Schools of Study Structure

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    Aug 27, 2014
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Colleges in Toronto Offer Schools of Study Structure Photo by Jason White

Each community college is structured in a different way and a lot of this depends on how many programs it offers. At Centennial College, there are more than 100 programs, more than 160 part-time programs and thousands of part-time courses. Students are able to train for their current or future career, earn transfer credits for university studies, or pursue their interests.

As one of the most respect colleges in Toronto, the school is split into Schools of study. Each School contains a cluster of similar programs.

School of Communications, Media and Design: The range of programs facilitated through this School includes communication-based offerings such as Communications and Media Foundations, Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Bachelor of Public Relations Management; media programs like Journalism, Broadcasting and Film, Advanced Television + Film – Script to Screen, Interactive Media Management; and design offerings such as Art and Design Foundation Studies, Digital Animation, Fine Arts Studio, Graphic Design, and more. All these programs are facilitated from the Story Arts Centre.

School of Business: Offering 30 dynamic programs (think Business Operations, Human Resources, Marketing, Law Clerk and more), this School caters to students who dream of working in respected organizations, connecting with business people around the world or even working in the courts. Aside from developing business skills, this School helps to teach students innovative thinking for the ever-changing business world. Programs employ a host of practical applications such as case studies, analyses, presentation and field experience that help to ensure students retain what they learn.

School of Transportation: Stationed at the province's largest transportation training centre, Ashtonbee Campus, this School is led by faculty members who have extensive experience. Students learn in automotive labs that boast the latest in technology for cars, trucks, motorcycles and heavy-duty vehicles. There is also an equipped hangar for aerospace and avionics students. Specific programs include Autobody Repairer, Parts Technician, Motorcycle Technician, Truck and Coach Technician and many others.

School of Community and Health Studies: Split into two branches, this School focuses on health programs such as Nursing, Massage Therapy, Paramedic and community programs such as Early Childhood Education, Child and Youth Worker, Social Worker and more. All programs are facilitated from state-of-the-art laboratories where students receive hands-on experience in a stimulated environment.

School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science: Programs consist of new, leading-edge technologies, higher standards, and the introduction of exciting and innovative approaches. Graduating students of programs such as Architectural Technology, Biomedical Engineering Technology, Software Engineering Technician, Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design, and more are prepared for intermediate level positions as opposed to the standard entry-level options.

School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture: As with all other programs in at this college, the offerings in this School are facilitated from modern classrooms as well as living learning labs such as a conference centre, a restaurant and a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen. Courses cover a full range of business practices in marketing, human resources, finance and industry operations — as applied to the entire hospitality and tourism field. Programs include: Culinary Management – International, Hospitality Operations - Kitchen Management, Hospitality and Tourism Administration, Tourism Management - Cultural and Heritage Tourism, and more.

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In her article, Klaudia documents the range of Schools within Centennial College that cater to areas such as business, community and health studies, transportation and more.

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