College Offers a Diverse Selection of Programs for Learners in Every Level

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    Feb 28, 2014
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College Offers a Diverse Selection of Programs for Learners in Every Level Photo by Jason White

Anyone can be a student, with the realization of the importance of continuous learning. Fresh high school graduates, mature students, Second career students, and professionals all work together in classes in college. One of the most diverse postsecondary institutions in the world is Centennial College, not only by the program offerings but also by student population. Aside from cultural diversity, many students are diverse in terms of age. Most of its learners are at least 21 years of age. The stigma of being an older adult in college is decreasing.

Centennial College offers programs that caters to all industries and their needs. It also delivers them in different formats, so they are accessible to all types of learners. Students can choose from a variety of levels of learning, depending on their needs and preferences. Below are five different credentials that students will obtain upon graduation.

Certificate Programs
Students who want to ensure that they have the basic foundations and college-level skills will enroll in general arts programs. Others may want to improve their English skills, upgrade high school grades, or take courses that are missing in the prerequisite of programs. Many of these are certificate programs, helping students in their career exploration.

Diploma Programs
Two-year programs in colleges are awarded with diplomas. Although the amount of schooling is short, Centennial students still gain practical experience in lab practice, simulations, and field placements. Students have the aptitude to start their career in entry-level positions in their field or choose to study further and transfer their credits to three-year or four-year programs at Centennial and its partners.

Advanced Diploma Programs
Three-year programs, including the co-op options, have an even more extensive training than the diploma programs. Ranging from 6 to 9 semesters, students learn the foundations of their field of expertise and progressively learn more in-depth concepts. They will apply these skills in case studies, lab settings, and other hands-on training. Some programs have internship, co-operative education, and apprenticeship options, where students receive on-the-job training from industry professionals.

Degree Programs
Centennial graduates can stay in their campus to receive a Bachelor's degree, as Centennial adds more Degree Programs. With the small class sizes and experienced faculty members, college students have better learning opportunities in their undergraduate programs than university students. Additionally, Centennial encourages applied learning where students are involved with capstone projects and field placements, involving real companies and clients.

Graduate Certificate Programs
College and university graduates willing to enhance their credentials and specialize in their field can apply to postgraduate programs. There is a long list of these one-year programs from all schools, including business management, communications and media, and hospitality programs. To give students a competitive advantage, they get a head start in their career by taking mandatory field placements before graduation.

With a wide range of learning levels, Centennial makes it possible for anyone who wants to obtain a high education in college. The college's diversity only brings out its beauty as students learn from each other's experiences and values. No matter the level, all of Centennial's college programs are designed to give practical learning for students, so they can be job-ready within a several months.

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