Centennial College Courses - Become a Dynamic Industry Professional in Your Choice Field

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    Aug 12, 2014
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Centennial College Courses - Become a Dynamic Industry Professional in Your Choice Field Photo by Gene Haskell

I'm a pharmacy technician and I love to be called a Centennial grad. I attended the two-year pharmacy technician course and gained knowledge and skills to pursue a rewarding career in this field.

Attending Centennial was one of the best decisions I could have ever made as a high school graduate. I met some of the most incredible people here, including my professors, college admin staff and of course my classmates.

It's a great place to study.  Professors were industry experts; so, they knew what education and training needed to be imparted to students. They not only helped us in building strong theoretical foundation but also prepared us for rewarding careers in today's extremely challenging business world.

Did I Get Relevant Hands-on-Experience?

Yes, I did. In fact, this was the best part of this program. The pharmacy technician course includes lab work and three industry field placements, which made it stands apart from other similar courses available in Toronto. I mean, I was really surprised to know that it incorporated three placements within two years. I think practical hands-on experience in real world settings is the biggest contributor to Centennial College reputations.

It helped me in transforming smoothly into a dynamic industry professional from a college student. I gained in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of the world of work. I also learnt about employers' expectations from fresh graduates.

Am I a Regulated Pharmacy Technician?

Yes, I'm. There are two main benefits of attending Centennial's pharmacy technician course.

1. It inspires students to embrace the philosophy of lifelong learning.
2. It motivates them to pursue the designation of regulated pharmacy technician.

Actually, the learner-centered environment encourages students to follow the pathway to registration and meet the requirements of a regulated pharmacy technician as a Centennial graduate.

It's Beyond Dispensing Medications

Of course, as a pharmacy technician, preparing, dispensing and compounding medications is my first responsibility. However, this program prepared me for doing much more than that. I also gained skills in aseptic techniques, pharmaceutical calculations, inventory control, compounding, and community and institutional dispensing. I also received training on how to interact with patients as well as a variety of healthcare providers and assist in the provision of pharmaceutical care and pharmacy services.

Would I Recommend Centennial?

Yes, absolutely, I would recommend Centennial again and again who wish to study pharmacy. According to me, there is no pharmacy technician diploma that is as comprehensive. It focuses on overall development of students. In addition to technical knowledge, it aims to help students develop strong critical thinking, mathematical and English communication skills.  In short, it's a good program that focuses on overall development of students.

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The author says about Centennial College Reputations which has been sound enough as it provides comprehensive training and understanding along with technical knowledge to the students.

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