Career Outlook for a Post Secondary Baking - Pastry Arts Management Program

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    Mar 31, 2014
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Career Outlook for a Post Secondary Baking - Pastry Arts Management Program Photo by Jason White

Even if you're a very talented natural baker and pastry chef, a formal education and training in baking and pastry arts management can help you hone your skills and provide you with new career possibilities that have never crossed your mind. Whether you're interested in working with professional establishments or are planning to set up your own bakery business, you will need to have a comprehensive baking and business knowledge and be well-versed with working on the latest baking equipment.

Unlike tradition cooking or baking courses, the modern Baking - Pastry arts management programs at reputed colleges and universities are no longer restricted to teaching you just the bakery and pastry arts. In fact, these courses are designed to provide students with knowledge and skills to establish, manage and run commercial bakery outlets effectively.

Not only this, during the program tenure, you will also have a chance to explore diverse career opportunities in hotels, restaurants, pastry shops, retail bakeries, cafes, department stores, resorts, camps, supermarkets and other related businesses in the areas of quantity bakery production, materials purchase management and inventory management. You may also build a rewarding career in product marketing, cost control and hiring and managing personnel.

Career Prospects

The career prospects in this field are bright because of continually increasing consumption of bakery items in daily living. More and more people depend on ready-made baked items due to their busy lifestyle. In such a scenario, professionals with excellent baking skills and understanding of the food business have better chances of building rewarding careers in this field. With formal education and training, employment prospects increase further and you can find descent paying jobs right in the beginning.

Competencies Required for Building a Career in Baking - Pastry Arts Management

Traditionally, bakers were expected to just bake various items, such as breads, rolls, sweet dough, savoury and sweet pastries, Danish and puffy pastries, cakes, cookies and desserts. However, times have changed. The job market has grown so competitive that employers are keen on hiring professionals who can not only handle quantity bakery product but can also manage bakery stores, purchase and store material, control product costs and manage personnel.

They are expected not only to possess excellent baking skills but also have strong business acumen. In addition to this, they must be able to work on all the latest kitchen equipment. They are also expected to understand specific needs of customers and bring an innovative product to the market.

The pastry arts management and baking program not only help students expand their baking abilities and skills but also exposes them to other aspects of commercial bakery production. The program, through classroom learning, hands-on lab and industry field placement, gives them an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in producing commercial quantities of bakery items, purchasing and managing inventory and controlling product costs.

Centennial College's program in baking -pastry arts management helps students gain the knowledge and skills required to seek employment in this field. The two-year post-secondary baking program covers a wide range of subjects, including introduction to hospitality accounting, sanitation, safety and hygiene, principles of food, beverage and labour cost controls, marketing strategies and principles and practices of nutrition for culinarians.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for this program, students will need to submit secondary school diploma certificate or equivalent and scores of English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent.

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