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    Mar 26, 2014
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Breaking into Television and Film - Business Photo by Jason White

The television and film industry plays a crucial role in our daily living, as it gives us our daily dose of creative content. Since its inception, it's been satiating our entertainment needs. Moreover, it's been contributing to the economy of our country on a large scale. However, on the flip side, the worst part about this industry is that it's fiercely competitive. The hardest thing is to get a job in the film or television business. Breaking into this industry can be daunting as well as frustrating.

But the good news is that there are television and film – business courses available in Canada that can lead interested individuals to the right career paths. Although there is no need for a formal education and training to build a career in TV or film industry but it may make things easier and assist in seeking work opportunities. The working knowledge of business aspect of the entertainment industry can help individuals hone their talent and develop skills necessary to enter the world of work.

Key Things You Should Know About TV and Film Business

  • There are so many areas of film and television business that it's difficult to decide what best suits your needs. From pre to post-production, there are so many job roles that it's almost impossible to make up your mind where you want to go. A formal education can help you deal with such issues by offering you the complete understanding of the current Canadian TV and film industry.
  • Along with creativity and passion are required the understanding of legal, financial and regulatory frameworks of the industry. The film programs in Toronto combine the knowledge of film and television industry with the principles and practices of accounting, global marketplace, distribution modes and additional revenue sources.
  • The entertainment business very much depends on references and industry contacts. If you join a Toronto film school, there are opportunities to gain valuable contacts through industry field placements and studio visits.

Film Programs in Toronto

Numerous Canadian colleges offer graduate certificate programs in television and film – business. Unfortunately, not all film schools in Toronto offer hands-on training and practical experience in a real world setting.

Centennial College's one-year program in film and television business is an intensive program that emphasizes on the importance of entrepreneurial spirit and a global outlook and integrates the knowledge of transmedia, global marketplace, project financing, program sales and marketing and launch and operation of an independent production company.

It also provides students with numerous opportunities to learn production techniques through various stages of production in both a crew and leadership positions. Moreover, it provides industry experience through field placement.

Program Details

The film program runs for one year through two semesters, covering a wide range of subjects, such as the business of producing, accounting for film and television, production management and coordination, entertainment law, production, financing and funding, additional revenue streams, international distribution and career management.

In order to apply for this program, the individuals will need to submit a letter of intent along with their college advanced diploma or university degree certificates and updated resumes. Centennial College also accepts the applications of individuals with partial post-secondary education (minimum two years) with relevant work experience.

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Jason White, the author of the article, discusses why the understanding of legal, financial and regulatory frameworks is necessary along with creativity, passion and talent to break into the television and film business. He also writes how Centennial College’s one-year film program in Toronto can help interested individuals gain required knowledge and skills to build a rewarding career in the industry.

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