What to Bear in Mind When Purchasing Clothing Made Before Your Time

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    Jul 21, 2014
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What to Bear in Mind When Purchasing Clothing Made Before Your Time Photo by Colin Armstrong

Buying vintage clothing is very much in fashion these days. Women are not just buying clothes that encapsulate that all-important vintage look. They are actually buying clothes from their favoured periods. You have to bear in mind a number of points when doing this.

In this article, we will guide you through the minefield of buying truly vintage clothing, whether it is bodycon dresses or ladies/women's jackets.

Understanding Sizes
It's common to walk into two stores and find the sizes they use are slightly different. It is what causes so much frustration when shopping. Shopping for vintage clothing poses the same problems. The difference is a size 10 from the 1950s is radically different from a size 10 now.

There are plenty of conversion charts online for this. You can find out roughly what size it converts into. The thing is with older clothing is the standards were not always standardised. This is why we always recommend trying the items on before you buy them.

If you're purchasing actual clothing from a different decade, you should check to see if any alterations have been made. Just because the label says one thing does not mean to say it is still in that state.

The chances are if the item has had multiple owners they have altered it. Arguably, it was more common to alter clothing items in order to pass them down in generations gone by.

What about Durability?
Durability is always a matter you have to consider when items become this old. The truth is many of the garments made back then are actually more durable than what we have now. Designers and manufacturers were less likely to cut corners. Clothes were made to last. They also used more natural fibres, which are more durable than their manmade counterparts are.

You still have to consider durability despite this, though. Always check the seams for any signs of them coming apart. Broken seams should be a warning sign. Unless you are a clothing expert yourself, you should avoid these, as they will cause more trouble than they're worth.

Thinking Terms
Not everyone wants to buy midi dresses to wear straight off the shelf. Some people want to take a piece of vintage clothing and alter it for their own ends. If you are one of those people, buy vintage clothes by thinking about what they will become not what they look like now. You need to try to imagine what you will do with them, or you will be missing some great buys.

Avoid prejudicing your buying decisions based on the designer. Many vintage items were created by designers that no longer exist. Just because you've never heard of their work does not make it not worth considering. Keep an open mind and do your research on the history of each designer.

It is possible to do this on the go by carrying a smartphone with access to Wi-Fi.

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