The Costliest Mistakes Made When Clothes Shopping in the Real World

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    Aug 07, 2014
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The Costliest Mistakes Made When Clothes Shopping in the Real World Photo by Colin Armstrong

Shopping out in the real world is far more hazardous than shopping online. You have to watch out for devious shop assistants, the 'deal of a lifetime', and all the other obstacles designed to separate your money from your wallet.

With the help of IKRUSH, we will discuss some of the costliest mistakes people make when clothes shopping out in the real world.

The Influence of the Shop Assistant
The shop assistant is the person who tells you what you look good in and claims to be able to help you with your shopping. This is not the case. They are there to sell you clothes and nothing else. Some of them even gain commissions depending on how much they sell. They are going to do everything they can to get you to buy the most expensive items possible.

Stay away from them by politely telling them you do not want any help.

Not Trying it On
We all have places to be, so it is tempting to avoid trying something on just so we can get out of the store faster. Always try the garment on before you buy it. This is because you never know when something does not fit you. Sizes change from store to store. You have to get the fit right to ensure it is comfortable.

If you buy the wrong garment, you have wasted money on it and your own time.

Luxury Designers
Designer labels are all the rage in fashion. The problem is some women are blinded by them. In an effort to stay fashionable, they will buy the designer item not because it fits or because they like it but because of the name.

You never want to make this mistake. Designer clothing is expensive enough as it is. You should at least make sure you like what you are buying. Buy what you want because it is comfortable and fits your wardrobe, and for no other reasons.

The Sales Trap
It is easy to walk into a clothes store and lose control because there are sales everywhere. This is a huge mistake because the chances are you are buying things you did not want in the first place.

It does not matter if you are getting 50% off crop tops because you never intended to buy these items in the first place. You have not saved £20;you have lost £20 by spending money you never intended to spend.

Directionless Shopping
Always have an idea of what you want to buy when you go shopping. If you do not shop with direction, you will buy things because you see them. A shopping list directs you where to go and allows you to ignore those impulse buys that cause so much damage.

Make your shopping list by browsing your wardrobe first. Do you need some more going out tops? What about a nice dress? Establish what you need before you begin to shop.

Not Shopping Around
Always shop around. Most high street stores will have similar ranges of clothing. You might just find that desired buy for a much lower price in a nearby store.

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