Business Buying - How Do You Know If You're Getting Clothes at The Best Prices?

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    Aug 30, 2014
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Business Buying - How Do You Know If You Photo by Colin Armstrong

Clothing retailers big or small need to make sure they are getting their stock at the right price. If there is not enough room for their profit margins, they are wasting their time. This is why they need to conduct research into wholesale clothing UK before they decide to buy.

In this article, we are going to look into how you should determine if you are getting clothes for your business at the right prices.

The Goal

No matter where you buy from, the goal is to always get the right clothes at the lowest prices. Wholesalers tend to buy clothing in bulk and sell it on at lower prices than retail. Understand that retail prices actually come from clothes that have been marked up by the retailers that deal with customers. Without this mark up, nobody would ever make any money and the company would go out of business.

Always be willing to shop around to accomplish your goal. Feel free to attempt to negotiate. Wholesalers regularly have special deals on discount clothing with different retailers. For example, major clothing chains often get clothes at cheaper prices than a standard Internet-based business because they buy so much of it. They have special arrangements with their wholesalers.

Covering Your Expenses

There are many expenses involved with running a store of any kind. You have to make sure your sales are going to be enough to cover your expenses. In the case of a land-based store, this would involve looking at the cost of employees, rental costs, and the other bills associated with keeping the doors open.

Internet-based companies also have expenses. They have to consider the costs of storing their stock, as well as the costs of hosting a big website.

Always make sure you are able to cover your expenses by selling clothing.

Additional Profit Margins

After you have covered your overheads, this is the time to start making a profit. How much profit you want to make depends on your company. Some businesses prefer to take a risk by reducing their prices in an effort to sell more volume. This depends entirely on your strategy. Whether you can execute your chosen strategy depends on the price you can get wholesale clothing for.

In this case, the right price is the price that enables you to launch your strategy.

The Best Option

To put it simply, the easiest way to know if you are getting the best price on clothing is to compare one wholesaler with another. Shop around before making your final decision. There are hundreds of wholesalers all around the world ready to deal with you.

A common mistake made by newer businesses is to stick with wholesalers close to them geographically. This is not always necessary and can mean accepting a higher price for your stock. Compare the costs of looking abroad for clothing and see if you can get a better deal. Think about it. There is a reason why the likes of Nike look to places like Indonesia and China for their clothing.

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