Know when to go for a car battery replacement!

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    Nov 23, 2013
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Know when to go for a car battery replacement! Photo by Jeremy  Stone

The battery is one of the most essential components of your car's engine. Your car is as good as dead in the absence of a battery. Experts hold the viewpoint that under proper care and maintenance, your car will run smoothly for at least 100,000 miles. However, your battery will not remain the same by this time as it had been during the time of purchase.

Well, the reason for this is very simple. A battery has a relatively lower life as compared to car and it needs replacement once in a car's lifetime. If you wish to know when will you need a car battery replacement, then the following information will come handy to you:

Extreme Weather Condition

Weather conditions play a major role in affecting the life of your car battery. In case you are willing to shift to a place with extreme weather conditions from a place with temperate climate, then you must get your car battery replacement to avoid any future trouble. Most of the batteries are rated with a measurement known as "cold amperage". Any battery with a low number of "cold cranking amps" in normal conditions, will let your car get started in the first go. But at places that are extremely cold,  you would need a battery which has a minimum rating of 600 'cold cranking amps'.

Disproportionate Wear and Tear
Even a human body starts wearing down after a certain point of time and your car battery is no different. Dead car batteries can be brought back to life by a power boost using the jumper cables. But this won't work every time as there is a limit to recharging as well. The better option would be to go for a car battery replacement.

Damaged Battery Casing
Escaping accidents while driving a car throughout the year sound quite hypothetical. Nearly every car driver experiences a car accident once in a lifetime. Sometimes these accidents cause damage to the battery case, which in turn cuts down your car battery life. If you come across cracks in the body of the battery, get a car battery replacement as soon as possible.

Culmination of Warranty Period
Most of the new batteries come with a warranty period, over which battery replacement stands to be the only option left for the smooth running of your car. Till the time your battery is under the warranty period, you can get it repaired by the manufacturer. However, once it crosses the specific date of warranty, you will have to opt for a car battery replacement in case your car battery starts wearing out.

Keep a track of these useful points and get to know when is your car battery replacement due!

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