How To Choose A Great Camping Shower For Your Vehicle

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    Oct 22, 2013
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How To Choose A Great Camping Shower For Your Vehicle Photo by Michele Wood

For many years happy campers were not so happy when it came to shower time. They either had to go without that refreshing shower and wash in a dish, or they had to have a cold shower. If the weather was cold, showering under a cold stream of water would not be so good for your health. However, these days you can get a camping shower with as much hot water as you need by installing a simple device into the engine of your vehicle.

Of course, many campers used the black bag shower device that hangs from a tree in the sun and provides a limited amount of warm water for showering. The trouble is that it depends on reasonably warm weather and sunny conditions to give you hot water. And of course, the amount of water is limited and so it is likely to run out before everyone has had a turn.

With the kind of shower that is attached to the engine of the car or 4WD, you can have as much scalding hot water as you want. Naturally, you cannot shower under water that is scalding, but you can adjust the temperature by adding in cold water, just like you do with your shower at home. Better still, it is quite easy to install such a shower into your car engine and it does not make any difference to your vehicle.

In fact, there are two systems; one is called a vehicle camping shower and the other is a hot water system. The former gives you comfortably warm water directly from the unit, while the latter delivers much hotter water that will need to be turned down for a camping shower. You can choose whether to shower next to your vehicle or further away, using gravity fed hose from another bucket of water.

When you go camping you expect to be tired due to all the additional activities you enjoy. In addition, you often develop aches and pains due to sleeping on the ground or a bed that is not as comfortable as what you are used to. Being able to have a really hot shower will alleviate such problems and help you to feel relaxed and comfortable so that you can sleep better.

In fact, they are also suited to marine applications where the motor of the boat is cooled by a recirculated system. However, if the boat engine is directly cooled by sea water, these units can be custom made within a few days to fit your port size. So whether you are camping on land or on sea you can still have plenty of hot water for a camping shower.

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