4 Ways of Showing Leadership at Work

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    Nov 05, 2012
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Both managers and employees can be leaders at their work places. For one to be a leader they don’t have to be chosen or hold high positions in management. It is something that is earned by the one behaves towards their colleagues or employees. It is the qualities that give one the ability to motivate others to work towards achieving a common goal. Some of these qualities include:

Honesty: Honesty is one way of showing leadership at work. Leaders are honest with themselves and their colleagues. To achieve this, one can start by examining himself or herself so as to determine whether one behaves appropriately. If there is any trait that irritates others, then one should make an effort to change it.

Respect: Just like honesty, respect starts from within and is then spread to others. To be a good leader, one should learn to respect other people’s property and opinion. If one disagrees with an opinion made by another person, he or she should not condemn or make negative comments. If one disagrees, he or she should make a polite argument without making the other person feel inferior.

Trust: Trust entails two things. One it is being able to trust that the other person can handle the task assigned to him or her and produce quality results. A manager should not assign duties and then start questioning the employees on whether they can handle it. If employees or colleges feel they are not trusted, they will most likely do the work less efficiently. The second is the ability to keep secret information without disclosing it no matter the situation.

Be a good example: Being on ones best behavior is another way of showing leadership at work. Completing tasks on time, being polite, helpful and useful are among ways in which one can be a good leader. 

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