Top 10 Things to Do With Your Kids While Camping

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    Jul 02, 2013
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Camping Galicia Spain
Camping Galicia Spain
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I was unable to find a way to simply delete this article.  So, I have, instead, edited the article to remove its contents.  At this point I just need to fill up 300 words in this section.  This would be much easier if there was just a delete button and I could completely remove the article.  However, since that option has not been made available, I am having to write three hundred words about removing the content.

If an admin of the interesting articles site sees this and has a way to completely delete the article, please go ahead and do that.  I would really appreciate it.  You may also want to consider adding that as an option for authors to save both you and them some time and effort.

At this point I'm almost half way to the 300 word mark.  Only 10 more words to go and I'll be there.  Hey!  I'm there.  Whoo hoo!  Now, I just need to think of another one hundred fifty words to write.  Well, really only one hundred and twenty by the end of this sentence.

What should I write about?  Does it matter?  Should I write about existential existance and man's place in the universe or perhaps I could go on a politcal tirade about some cause that I think is important.  Of course, no one is really reading this anymore so it wouldn't really do any good to give the answer to the question, "Why am I here?"  No one would see it.

So, instead of writing about life or about politics or even about what interesting foods I've eaten lately, I'll just use the remaining twenty five words to say that this has been a complete waste of my time, but at least it only took me about five minutes to write this diatribe.

Have a great day!

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